Bib shorts are the central element of your outfit, it is for almost all riders the most important element. Why? Simply because it is the essential point of your comfort on the saddle and nothing is more unpleasant than to travel hundreds of kilometers with poor quality bib shorts. Discover the customized G4 bib shorts in this article!

These are the reasons that led us to make our own bib shorts. The comfort, the look, the technicality of the materials is the result of long hours of work and research. All to ensure you a level of performance unmatched on the saddle.





Our pad is the most important piece of your personalized cycling bib shorts. A pad of high quality will influence the pleasure of the cyclist during his outings, this will allow an optimal comfort over a long period.

Geoffroy Lequatre was looking for that when he created G4. As a former professionnal cyclist, he is perfectly aware of the disadvantages of a low-quality pad over a long distance. Wich is the main reason that led him to make his own pad.

Two differents pad are available for your G4 customized bib shorts. Whatever your choice, the technicality of our products will ensure comfort and enjoyment!





By choosing the G4 cycling bib shorts you will have the expertise of a former professional cyclist, Geoffroy Lequatre. The alliance between his two passions, cycling and design, is the key to a technical and elegant product.

Geoffroy Lequatre has always given an important place to his look on the bike! Escape during the stages and outings allowed him to develop an uncommon creativity. This creativity and his unique vision of the world of cycling have resulted in the creation of G4 and the key words “The elegant performance”.

You can choose to configure and customize your bib shorts and other accessories  by benefiting from this know-how and expertise. Get creative and unique cycling outfit in the world with G4 personalization.







Bib shorts “Team” are our entry level in terms of customized bib shorts. An entry-level G4 is still a product with a relatively high level of technicality that offers you a high comfort on the saddle and resistant to the wear of time.

It is the ideal bib shorts for amateur cycling clubs wanting a quality equipment to their colors and corresponding to their desires. You will find a high comfort thanks to the technicality of the used fabrics, allied with airy microfiber straps, and a silicone band on the thighs guaranteeing a very good support. Of course, it is equipped with our unique pad for optimal comfort.

The ideal equipment to represent your club during competitions!





What else for professional teams than our Pro Aero bib shorts? The alliance between a unique design and the most aerodynamic cut possible. A blend of fibers and technical fabrics for this Pro Aero bib shorts.

It is the essential equipment for professional teams who want to have a different and original look on the saddle combined with unparalleled comfort. Pro Aero bib shorts are made of innovative fabrics, BestPeed and PowerLycra. It will ensure an optimizes stability and air penetration, thus pushing the limits of performance!

G4 Pad ProHD100 will allow you to face the longest stages while ensuring unchanged comfort.





Inspired by our traditional Luxe range, Pro Luxe custom bib shorts are unique from an elegance and technical point of view. This range uses all our know-how in terms of technical clothing construction as well as the latest fabrics to create the best equipment for your outings and competitions.

Pro Luxe bib shorts are made from new technical fabrics, Luxor and PowerLycra. The technicality of these fabrics is combined with Geoffroy Lequatre’s design know-how to guarantee a unique design and a recognizable look in the world of cycling.





G4 is always there to design the products that fit your needs and your image! Our offer of custom equipment is also available on our cycling bib shorts. Let yourself be tempted by our offer to obtain unique creations that match your image.

As mentioned in our previous articles, we work hand in hand with clubs, groups or associations to design personalized and customized outfits and accessories.

All of our products are designed by Geoffroy Lequatre, former professional cyclist and now designer of G4. The manufacture is  ensured by our partner factories in the north of Italy to guarantee you a unique quality

Our offer of personalization of your cycling bib shorts is there to retranscribe your ideas, your colors, your desires… Give color to your cycling outfits by configuring and personalizing this indispensable piece in your cycling outfit.

Several teams have already adopted G4 and trust our know-how and expertise. Like all of our products, custom cycling bib shorts are designed and manufactured in Italy to guarantee superior quality and technicality.


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