Last Sunday, It was IronMan 70.3 World Championships in Nice. As cycling enthusiasts we particularly like this discipline combining swimming, cycling and running! DNA G4 was on the race with our friends from the Triathlon Club Carqueiranne. They are equipped with our personalized outfit specially developed for triathlon.



1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling and 21.1 kilometers of running for these world championships. The Triathlon Carqueiranne club leave this competition with a great price! Despite the 6,000 participants present they won a world champion title obtained by Christophe Jouffret! What’s better than coming out of the world championships with the cup? Nothing.

Triathlon Carqueiranne was having our personalized outfit during this event! The creation of this outfit was based on the know-how of Geoffroy Lequatre former professional cyclist and the experience of Petra Harangi former triathlete who took part several times in the world triathlon championships. Their respective experiences in high level sport and in the different disciplines of IronMan have enabled the creation of a triathlon outfit that perfectly match with triathletes’ needs.






This triathlon outfit is a mix of fabrics adapting to the three environments of the IronMan!

The water repellent fabric allows you to be particularly fast against your first opponent, the water! Indeed, this fabric allows you a greater fluidity in this environment and seemed essential for the first part of the race.

As for our bib shorts, we used a compression fabric at the thighs. Compression tissue has many benefits! At first, they have a higher aerodynamic capacity than traditional fabrics. They also help keep your pad in place when you are in dancer position.

The active compression throughout your effort help the elimination of lactic acid and toxins after exercise as well as an increase in muscle power and a decrease in cramps… The effects are numerous and we know that’s very important against the IronMan difficulty !

We also developed a new pad specifically for triathlon. Finer with a structure combining anatomy, hygiene and anti-irritation to ensure absolute comfort throughout the effort.





Congratulations again to the Triathlon Club Carqueiranne and to Christophe Jouffret for his magnificent title of world champion in his category.

It is with pleasure that the G4 team follows adventures and performances of our clubs and partners. This is definitely not the last story of our teams! If you also wish to benefit from G4 know-how and expertise, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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