You’ve no doubt heard of our new Allure cycling outfit. This capsule collection available in only four quantities is THE reference to our brand G4. It represents all the values ​​of G4, efficient, elegant, and one of a kind!

Benjamin has tested this magnificent Allure cycling outfit for you. He takes advantage of this article to come back to the qualities of this outfit with you.

Allure jersey

“I must say that this cycling outfit is one of the best I have ever worn at G4! The jersey is just amazing. Its lined fabric, in addition to being extremely aerodynamic, is comfortable. This fabric gives the Allure cycling jersey flawless and rare elegance! As for the design of the sleeves and the three large rear pockets, they energize the outfit. The G4 logo and blue dot cross give style. They are the detail that makes the difference, quite simply. Finally, the black on the blanks puts an end to a cycling jersey that is both elegant, technical, and therefore efficient!

Allure Bib short

With these bib shorts, I found the sensations of the G4 Distinguished cycling shorts! The lines follow those of the Allure jersey. The relatively wide elastic makes the compression on the thigh homogeneous and very pleasant. Without forgetting the four rivets which bring the final touch of the design of this extraordinary cycling outfit … As for the pad, nothing to say! Like all G4 cycling shorts, the comfort of the skin is incredible, even after hours of riding. For nothing in the world, I will not do without this Pro 100 HD pad.

Allure socks

And because G4 never leaves anything to chance, two pairs of socks have been designed to complete this Allure cyclist outfit. A white model with black dots and a black model with blue dots G4. For my part, it was impossible to choose so I took the two pairs. They go perfectly with my Allure cycling outfit. Their high upper and ultra-light weaving make them unique, designs and comfortable, a real pleasure! ”

Customer notice

Mr. Morienval is a longtime client of G4, he was quick to buy our Allure cycling outfit and he was not disappointed;

“I am delighted because this Allure cycling outfit is really very classy, ​​it’s all spit G4 … it’s a real compliment! You talk to athletes, young and old, successful and others less, slender and others less, but all like cycling (as much as they can sometimes hate it). In your textile and other projects, don’t leave anyone on the way. The greatness of the bike lies in its requirements but also in the heterogeneity of its riders. ”