Letter from Geoffroy, discover our big announcement for 2020.

New year, new mood !


8 seasons ago, we launched G4 adventure. Each year during these 8 seasons we was on the roads of France and around the world to ride, talk, show and illustrate the values of performance and elegance that drives me, that drives us and that have built our brand.

Since G4 beginning, we’re trying to come up with something different, authentic and innovative.

Today we still think this bet was the right one and this challenge is still our main goal.



2019 was a different year, an exceptional year and 2020 is going to be a creative year! A year with new collections, new projects, new events and many other things that I look forward to talk to you.


About 2019,


For G4, the year was:

  • 600 cyclists and friends met during more than 20 G4 rides,
  • 4,800 kilometers traveled by bicycle on our roads with members of our community and more than 2,054 pictures about it,
  • A memorable 7 major challenge,
  • 7 international events,
  • 52,125 words in more than 75 blog posts,
  • 5 incredible new ambassadors: Denis Brogniart, Florian Rousseau, Benjamin Rech, Richard Virenque and Arnaud Jouffroy,
  • 1,184,000 visits to our site,
  • 2500 new fans who joined us on our social networks.

But 2019 is also and above all our high-end collections that we all wear together on the road.

  • 4 limited and exclusive collections,
  • 5 spring / summer collections,
  • The most sophisticated and safe cycling outfits in the world!



Thanks to this past year, we know you better and our community growing up with passionate cyclists.

For this support and your commitment which goes straight to our hearts, thank you.

2020 is going to be a creative year! A year with new collections, new projects, new events and many other things that I look forward to talk about.




here is an big announcement, the G4 team will soon be able to talk about ATTITUDE, the cycling club by G4. Stay tuned…



we will stock  4 new spring / summer collections. New aesthetic, elegant and authentic collections, in line with our DNA and the French Riviera atmosphere.


I can promise you beautiful collectors collections and limited products…! Hush … I’m not revealing too much!


Few years ago, many of you ask customizable collections with your logos, your companies one. Now, we can offer these fully customizable ranges. In 2020, we will therefore continue on this mood.




And what about Le tour de France? A great start in Nice, 2 stages of Le Tour between sea and mountains and the ETAPE DU TOUR, a phenomenal event! These are highlights and an incredible experience that we will be able to make you live from inside. Le Tour is one of the most beautiful events and in the world and G4 will be on spot t this year to enjoy it.


From major trade shows to local races, the G4 team wishes to renew its commitment to its community for this year 2020 and we will continue to mobilize and move around on our usual events (L’Ardéchoise, L’Étape du tour, la federal week, Eurobike, Roc d’Azur…) But also several new events to add to the list!


As you may have noticed, we have organized rides and participated in events around the world this year. In 2020, new projects from all over the world. for our clients abroad, of course, but also to make our French community travel abroad. Again, stay tuned and follow us on fb/insta.



Waaahouuu 2020!


That’s a lot, we love challenges! And YOU are our motivation to be able to share cycling moments and live our passion! Pushing the limits of innovation and strengthening our attachment to the community that we make up together, this is our goal for this coming year.

G4 adventure is possible thanks to your support which is growing more and more each year, and for that, a big thank you.


2019 was exceptional, 2020 will be amazing.


Geoffroy Lequatre

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