G4 is proud and happy to make you discover today our new cruiser cycling collection: G4 x 70’s.
A cycling collection created and imagined from scratch with the inspiration of the madness of the 70’s.
Immerse yourself with us in this folkloric universe, where freedom, joy and originality were advocated.


Our inspirations for this new cycling collection in tribute to the glorious 70’s


THE 70’S


The 70’s made fashion and music rhyme, making this decade an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
These years were a period of emergence of new musical and clothing styles that we all still keep a trace of in our wardrobe and state of mind. The prints were more ethnic or floral, checkered, weights with bold, bright colors. Everything was allowed!
Concerning music, we have created especially for you this new collection, an exclusive playlist from the 70’s! Find it right here!












G4 is a pioneer in the world of cycling fashion, which is why we took inspiration from those “golden” years to offer you an exclusive and unique outfit!
Wear the festive and joyful atmosphere of the Cruise collection and ride with pleasure and elegance.






Why did we decide to create a Cycling Cruise collection?

A Cruise collection was once a collection of between seasons, intended for a wealthy clientele who wanted to escape the winter cold by embarking on long sunny cruises.
Today, G4 offers you its brand new Cruise Collection: a collection limited to 70 pieces for 70 lucky people!


Why did we choose the 70s?

This year we wanted to bring cheerfulness and joy in these complicated times, to remind you of the magic and nostalgia of the glorious years.
Today, black and white are the most worn colors in terms of clothing, they are the “sure values”. We dare less and less to dress colorful, for fear of judgment. During these 70’s, everyone dressed as they wished, without “codes”, without judgments and without fears.
G4 dares and offers you today an explosion of colors in a complete outfit with flamboyant patterns to make you shine on your bike. In the world of cycling it is important to wear colorful clothing when you ride to ensure safety and visibility for other riders.
Find in this unique outfit the purple of magic, fantasy and imagination, combined with the energetic orange: for an incomparable look.


To tell you a little more about this new exclusive cycling outfit … Here is an overview of the colors used! 






As usual, G4 offers you top-of-the-range and quality bicycle clothing to satisfy all your needs and offer you unprecedented comfort.

From SkinLycra fabric on the technical jersey to LightMesh fabric on the sleeves for an unprecedented breathability and lightness. With an anatomical cut close to the body guaranteeing you a beautiful cycling look and a style unique on the market.
100% Italian materials and chosen to measure by Geoffroy Lequatre, designer and founder G4.

As for the cycling bib-shorts, quality cycling shorts, ultra comfortable thanks to our G4 centerpiece: the PRO100HD pad providing you with comfort and durability.
A technical cycling shorts created on our LUXE model cut with a PowerGain compression fabric for a sheathing effect on the thighs, hips and stomach for better blood circulation.

The complete Cruise cycling outfit will also be available as a pack with the cycling jersey, technical shorts and socks!

Stay tuned, we’ll tell you all about it next week.
For your information, this capsule collection will be on pre-order from 01st February 2021 and delivery will be guaranteed from March 2021.

Hurry up, there won’t be enough for everyone!

The G4 Team.

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