E.MOTION – The safest winter cycling jacket in the world!

One year ago now, G4 launched the world’s safest winter cycling jacket! A bright jacket for the first time on the market: E.MOTION your stylish and safe winter cycling jacket.

Geoffroy Lequatre, founder of the high-end brand G4, is very involved and designs each of his designs with great attention to detail in both elegance and technicality! “From now on, safety is an important point in the bicycle field, we have to be a forerunner also in the textile field”.


Geoffroy Lequatre, founder of the G4 brand




“Visibility on the road is the main issue at G4,” says Geoffroy, as each of the collections has been custom-designed with reflective inserts to ensure the safety of the cyclist on the road regardless of the G4 outfit worn.

Every year, thousands of road casualties are affected and cyclists in particular are affected because they are not seen enough by cars on the road.


Your e.Motion jacket is your protection to be seen on the road


That’s why, with G4 cycling apparel you’ll be seen on the roads both day and night, while remaining elegant, avant-garde and sophisticated on the bike.


Fiber optic light on the back of the E.Motion jacket




The E.Motion cycling jacket is the safest cycling jacket on the market. It will guarantee you, cyclist, maximum visibility by other drivers no matter what road you are riding on!
In fact, it is equipped with a luminous fiber optic at the back that lights up using a small box placed inside the jacket. The tape is powered by an 800 mAh Li-ION battery that recharges very quickly via USB 2 cable or a plug.


Battery control box placed inside the cycling jacket


When it is on, you can choose between 3 light intensities and its operating mode: flashing light or fixed light.

This light strip will allow you to be seen from more than 500 meters away and even in dark and difficult weather conditions.

Why did you choose a fiber optic light strip? Quite simply because it allows you a 360° visibility, unlike a simple light or a led strip.


Fiber optic light strip on the back of the cycling jacket




Geoffroy Lequatre has chosen with precision each of the fabrics used to offer you a warm and ultra comfortable winter cycling jacket for your best cycling outings.

• Triple membrane windproof, water-repellent and fleece: protects you from wind, rain and cold.

• A self-regulating thermal jacket: maintains a good body temperature and offer you good breathability and insulation from humidity and perspiration.

• Quilted fabric: ultra comfortable jacket

• REFLEX® reflective fabric: safety jacket

• Fixed or flashing long-lasting fiber optic light: optimal visibility at night

• Anatomical cut: jacket close to the body, it adapts to each of your morphologies.

• 3 reflective cargo pockets on the back: practical, elegant and deep.

• Highly resistant and carefully concealed zip

• G4 branded rivet: supreme elegance

• Unisex jacket


3 reflective pockets on the back for your most precious belongings


This high-performance cycling jacket was created with an anatomical cut to offer you a jacket close to your body, fitting your shape and adapting to all your morphologies, for both women and men. Looking good on a bike is an essential element that is highlighted at G4.



The E.Motion cycling jacket from G4 is your must-have for the approaching winter.
Cycling with style and safety is now possible: no more unpleasant and unattractive fluorescent yellow vest, it’s time to get the E.Motion technical jacket in night blue with integrated safety light!

Discover the E.Motion technical cycling jacket in action in our Youtube video! ⬇️



The G4 Team

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