We presented you last year in this blog our different limited cycling collections that we had created especially for you, each one with its own particularity, history and technicality: original and unique cycling jerseys.


Our limited cycling collections 2021: La Planche des Belles Filles, Crosiere and the 3 Monuments


Discover this year our two new flagship limited bike collections that will start the year 2022 from G4 in style!
Check out the flagship POP ART collection that has already become a hit with those looking for original, unique and quirky cycling apparel, and get a sneak peek at some details on the new Afrikaans limited collection that’s coming very soon!



The limited collections at G4 are an opportunity to get completely new clothes, unique on the market, that you will not find elsewhere. Unique cycling clothes in terms of aesthetics and design, but also in terms of comfort because as usual, G4 creates high-end cycling clothes with specific needs for the cyclist to perform, safely and in the greatest comfort on the bike.




You have probably seen it on our social networks, in our newsletters, on our website or maybe you are part of the 15 lucky ones who had the opportunity to get this exclusive and numbered cycling outfit!

Pop Art is a limited edition cycling outfit created from scratch, with a lot of imagination and creativity by Geoffroy Lequatre and his friend Matthieu Converset from Mille Étangs.



A unique cycling jersey and cycling bib-shorts using Pop Art codes in a folkloric, offbeat universe that breaks the codes of cycling fashion.
We find flamboyant colors, onomatopoeia, symbols, shapes, key elements of consumer fashion, etc. … What makes this high-end cycling outfit a real masterpiece and a real fashion piece avant gardiste.



Pop Art offers cyclists a way to break free on the bike, stand out from the crowd, and ride with unique clothing on the market.
G4 breaks the mold of classic, black cycling apparel and combines fashion with the world of cycling.


The remaining numbered and collector cycling jerseys!


If you want to wear this exceptional collector’s collection, there are only 5 exclusive outfits left! Hurry up, all the pieces have already been sold out!
If you missed this chance, don’t panic, a next limited collection is coming soon! With always something new, performance and a completely atypical style.




When there is more, there is more!
Stay tuned on our social networks, our website and our newsletters, this new limited and exclusive collection is coming soon…!

A unique collector cycling jersey created for the Cape Epic 2022 which will take place from March 20th to 27th.
The biggest annual mountain bike duo race event that takes place in South Africa’s Western Cape. A race known as the toughest race in the world, a just incredible adventure!


The mythical Cape Epic race! 📷 Photo credit : Gettyimages


This top of the range Afrikaans cycling jersey has been designed with African inspired patterns and G4 technicality!
Stretchy cycling jersey made of lightweight Skin Lycra that insulates from the cold and offers breathability and elasticity.
A unisex aerodynamic cut close to the body and laser cut sleeves to sublimate each and everyone who will have the opportunity to wear this African cycling jersey.


A taste of the African motifs of this new Afrikaans cycling jersey


Be patient, it’s coming soon… Don’t miss the opportunity to get limited and collector’s cycling clothes at G4 !


The G4 Team