Combinaison de cyclisme AERO 2.0


Did the G4 AERO Cycling suite seduce you or conquered you in 2019? The new Aero 2.0 cycling one suite will delight you in 2020 too! The new AERO 2.0 cycling skinsuit will make you unique with its elegance, efficiency and with its high technicality. More and more cyclist are riding in a cycling in a 1 pieces aero suit, feels like a skinsuit, so G4 follows this tendency and designed again an exceptional one for you.  Called AERO 2.0 combines both advantages of a jersey and a bib shorts to feel like a kit and similar to  time trial suit. This is THE centerpiece of our cycling collections for summer 2020.

Discover it now in details!

Cycling skinsuit AERO 2.0: unique technicity

To begin with, it seems important to us to remember that our AERO 2.0 cycling skinsuit was designed and developed with an idea as the bib shorts and the jersey should be independent of each other. We opted for the best fabrics to use for the top and for the bottom pieces. Not less than 8 fabrics complete our AERO 2.0 cycling skinsuit. 4 fabrics for the upper part and 4 fabrics for the bottom part.

Maillot de la combinaison de cyclisme AERO 2.0

For the top, at the shoulders and back, there are two honeycomb fabrics for good ventilation. These fabrics also adapt very well to different body types. Then there is a mesh fabric on the sides, for excellent air penetration and perfect breathability. The last fabric is reflective, it overhangs the three pockets of the skinsuit.

The bottom part : There are two PowerGain fabrics. One placed on the inside of the thighs and at the level of the buttocks and the other on the outside of the thighs for a pleasant and effective compression. The elastic fabric keeps the length without and marks on your skin,  incredible soft and give light compression  thanks to its width of 7 cm. Finally, our Pro 100 HD chamois will allow you to ride for hours without feeling the slightest discomfort.

Cuissard combinaison de cyclisme AERO 2.0

Cycling skinsuit AERO 2.0: Daily Practice


Today there are two types of cyclists; the undisputed fans of the One suits for everyday riding on one side, and the cycling bib shorts with cycling jersey on the other side.. We wanted to bring everyone together by this new AERO 2.0 Collection of G4. That’s why our cycling suit will suit both TT Suit lovers and classic bib/jersey defenders.

How? ‘Or’ What? It is quite simple. We have worked and identified the strengths of both possibilities to bring them together in one and the same piece of apparel.

Let’s resume together! What are the advantages of a cycling suit? Its lightness (it’s often a second skin), its aerodynamics (that’s why the pros use it against the clock!), Its aero fabrics and adaptable to body types and the unique feeling of a Cycling Body suit..

La praticité de la combinaison de cyclisme AERO 2.0

Now, what are the advantages of a short jersey kit? The pockets of the jersey (to take everything you need during our outings), the ease (not too tight or compressed), the practicality to stop at the little corner (we must not forget …and a UV 50 Treatment.

Now try to imagine a unique piece that incorporates all these characteristics to appeal to both fans of the cycling skinsuit and die-hard jersey bibs. You will get AERO 2.0.


Cycling skinsuit AERO 2.0: style in its purest form

As always, we wanted to make our cycling suit unique in its style. Discover our marble effect print, black and white, which follows on from the cubic print of the 2019 season. A marble which obviously recalls the Prestige of the French Riviera. The rest of the AERO 2.0 cycling suit is black in color with effects that vary depending on the fabrics used.

L'effet marbre de la combinaison de cyclisme AERO 2.0

Cycling skinsuit AERO 2.0: testimonial


Arnaud tested our suit during a 50-kilometer outing during the shooting of this unique piece. He gives you feedback on his AERO 2.0 experience!

“I have used to wear the G4 brand for 5 years now, but this is the first time I tested a 1 Body suit. My first feeling was : Whow this feeling of real comfort!!! Very light fabric with a short collar that even in hot weather is easy to wear! The fabric ventilated extremely well. A very well cut piece that allowed me to feel during these 50 km a real feeling of aerodynamic dynamism. I also appreciated the ingenious opening above the shorts to stop when needed, not to mention the pad (chamois in double mousses) which proves the basic rule at G4! Elegance and performance!”

The whole is therefore sober, stylish, and incredibly technical. Be exclusive, wear elegance, and adopt the AERO 2.0 style.

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