The heat is on! But how to dress for summer biking? Find our summer cycling clothes guide: G4 advises you and offers you its best cycling styles to ride in good conditions and under high temperatures in all comfort and lightness!

Sunny rides, a short break on the terrace or a cool morning descent of a mountain pass… To ride in complete protection and comfort, it is essential to be well equipped with technical, high-performance and especially protective cycling clothes thanks to their anti-UV50+ treatment!

G4 has what it takes for you and guides you to create your best summer looks combining as usual style and technicality to ride as it should in this summer season!


Cycling outfits for men and women Croisière !




It’s hot, you’re looking for lightness, a real clothing dilemma for cycling?

First of all, it is important to wear light clothing so as not to get too hot while cycling. We therefore recommend that you choose clothing designed with Skinlycra and Lightmesh fabrics that will provide maximum breathability and good ventilation. Our G4 cycling clothes are designed with technical fibers and fabrics that allow for optimal evacuation of perspiration during exercise.


Combinaison de cyclisme AERO 2.0

Focus on the lightweight Aero 2.0 summer bike suit with UV50+ treatment!


In addition, choose sportswear with UV50+ treatment that will protect you from the sun’s rays, which can be very harmful to your health.




At G4 we advise you on the choice of your cycling clothes according to their technicality but also their style!

To pedal like a pro during the summer season, we offer you 6 different looks that will make you look good, protect you from the sun and make you perform on the road!




Our lightest cycling collection from G4: the INSTINCT collection for men!

For the cycling jersey, thanks to its 4 way® aero stretch fabric, it will offer you the greatest comfort. This warp and weft fabric design will allow you to discover what lightness, protection, comfort and visibility mean.

As for the technical bib-shorts, the fabrics have been laser perforated and the straps are ultra light. The Instinct cycling shorts are THE shorts to have for summer, they are extremely ventilated at the thighs and the fabric used has been treated UV50+!


Instinct cycling jersey and shorts for men


Wear the Instinct cycling suit with a short sleeve or sleeveless, black or white thermo-regulating base layer, whichever you prefer!


Black short sleeve cycling base layer


And to finish in beauty, a small pair of Aero socks imagined with a 3D effect and a lined construction to offer you a channel that lets the air circulate for your best breathability and to keep your feet dry in all circumstances.





In this second style we offer you the sumptuous Prestige cycling collection for men and women!

On the cycling jersey, the StretchSkin, an ultra soft technical fabric used on the jerseys bust is 15% more stretchy, than SkinLycra. The sleeves are made of LightMesh, an assembly that ensures a feeling of freshness and lightness incomparable. For the sides, we find a StretchDot fabric, studied and designed for endurance sports and freedom of movement. Not to mention reflective pockets and UV treatment throughout the outfit.

For the cycling bib-shorts, for men you have the choice between black and white, and for women a great novelty we added straps for a better support!


Prestige bicycle outfits for men and women


To be protected right down to your fingertips, don’t forget the summer pair of leatherette mittens that will bring you comfort on the palm of your hand and lightness thanks to the leatherette. As well as a stylish black or white bike bottle to stay hydrated, designed without BPA that leaves no taste in your mouth!





For style 3, and not the least, here is our new summer Retro outfit for men and women! A unique couture know-how for a jersey that is a mix of increased technicality and classy style!

The Retro cycling jersey is made of the ultra-soft and light Sensitiveline technical fabric, providing maximum lightness for the sunniest rides of the summer. For optimal freedom of movement we added an essential touch: StretchDot fabric on the sides!

For cycling shorts, we’re talking about our new natural green cycling bib-shorts for men and sumptuous burgundy cycling shorts for women, both created with Powergain compression fabric and Lycra®Sport technical fiber that’s prized for its comfort and lightness.

Their centerpiece is of course our PROHD100 skin for a high level of comfort!


Rétro bicycle outfits for men and women


For cooler mornings or evenings, consider a small, lightweight sleeveless windbreaker that can protect you from the cool wind and keep you from catching a cold. We offer you the new Mistral cycling windbreaker with anti-wind and anti-rain treatment!


Mistral summer sleeveless windbreaker


And to protect your head from the sun’s rays, here’s our new cedar green cycling cap that will perfectly match your new summer look!


Cedar green bicycle cap





To stay in the color, originality and novelty, here is a second new collection of this summer 2021: the collection men and women Sauvage!


Sauvage bicycle outfits for men and women


Bold, nomadic prints that will give you the strength to perform like a pro. On the bike jersey, you’ll find ultra-light SkinLycra and UltraLine technical fabrics. And for the summer bib-shorts, you can match them with the Retro shorts or the Prestige shorts! For the socks, discover the colorful Sauvage socks!


White bicycle cap


The white cap will be a perfect match for this outfit, exquisitely elegant and it will bring that little touch of class and trend in addition to protecting you from the sun and heat.




For you gentlemen, discover the new Hype cycling collection of a performance 2.0!

From black to grey, from supreme elegance to incredible technique, it will appeal to all cyclists!

On the Hype cycling jersey you will find the latest generation of warp and weft fabric tested in a wind tunnel and never used before in the world of cycling: DynamicMesh with surprising characteristics!
This new fabric has a lighter part with a channel which will allow the passage of the air for a better Aero quotient and also an increased breathability. This aero fabric is lined and ensures a stylish look for all!
For the cycling bib-shorts, you will find the same DynamicMesh fabric combined with the LuxorSport technical fabric that will give you an extraordinary feeling of freedom thanks to its compressive power.


Hype bike outfit for men


To cover yourself in cooler weather, wear a sleeveless or long-sleeved windbreaker like the Sirocco for example, which you can store easily in your back pocket!


Sirocco long Sleeve Windbreaker


And don’t forget the stylish black cap for complete protection!




Portez les couleurs G4 ! Notre collection de cyclisme Attitude est la collection portée par les membres de notre club communautaire Attitude Cycling Club. Un maillot de vélo aux finitions minimalistes et précises, vous apportant un confort incomparable aussi bien au niveau des manches qu’au niveau du buste. Avec son cuissard de vélo Attitude ultra confortable grâce à notre peau PROHD100 présente dans tous nos cuissards et collants G4.

Wear the G4 colors! Our Attitude Cycling Collection is the collection worn by our Attitude Cycling Club community members. A cycling jersey with minimalist and precise finishes, giving you unparalleled comfort in both the sleeves and the chest. With its ultra-comfortable Attitude cycling bib-shorts thanks to our PROHD100 pad present in all our G4 shorts and tights.


Blue Attitude bike outfit


In terms of style, you can choose between the classic blue outfit and the new coral pink cycling outfit. And of course the matching socks! Choose between light pink, cedar green and azure blue!


Attitude Pink Cycling outfit


Here are a few styles created for you, to help you choose your summer cycling gear. Choose, design and match your G4 apparel the way you want! Shoot for your best style with G4!


The G4 team.

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