How to look after your G4 sportswear


All G4 clothing is made from technical fabrics suitable for performance, fluidity of movement and muscle compression. Though all our textiles are designed for durability, properly maintaining your bike clothes will also add to their longevity.

Following these care guidelines will enable you to enjoy your G4 clothing for longer while maintaining their technical properties, colour and shape.

How to wash your sportswear

– Close all zippers and fasteners
– Pull your garments inside out
– Hand wash in cold water when only lightly soiled
– Machine wash at temperatures <30 ° C
– Machine wash in a laundry bag to prevent them being pulled out of shape
– Don’t use fabric softener which will damage the fabrics’ technical properties and alter its wicking capabilities
– If necessary, pre-treat the more exposed parts (collar and sleeves) before washing
– Use a mild detergent, preferably one specially developed for sportswear which doesn’t contain aggressive colour brighteners, such as Mir Sport
– As soon as the machine cycle has ended, take the clothes out, don’t leave them there for hours on end
– Wash colours separately and don’t mix sportswear with your ordinary clothes
– Do not tumble dry




– Do not tumble dry
– Do not hang your clothes in the sunshine which could cause the colours to fade
– Never, ever iron


– Do not store in a damp place
– Store in a dry and airy cupboard or drawer



How to remove tough odours such as perspiration

– Wash clothes quickly after you’ve worn them.

– Do not leave them for days on end in your sports bag or laundry basket
– If the smell persists or is strong, pre-soak in cold water with a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda before machine washing

Caring for compression garments such as socks, leg and arm warmers


– Ideally hand wash in cool or warm water with small amount of mild detergent
– Let the compression garment soak for just a few minutes.
– If your compression clothing is really dirty, you can rub it gently
– Rinse in cool water
– Gently wring out and spread on a towel to dry, away from direct sunlight

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