How to choose the best Bib-Horts?

Bib-shorts which act as an interface between your bare buttocks and the saddle are an essential part of the cyclist’s kit. The right pair is like a second skin, helping you be more aerodynamic while eliminating chafing. Choosing the right pair isn’t easy and you need to consider a number of features and functions in order to select the right ones.



Firstly, consider the type of shorts – tights for winter, shorts for summer. The shorts should be snug fitting when you’re on the bike but not so tight that they restrict your movement. The shoulder straps should allow for ventilation and again shouldn’t constrict. For ease of use, our women’s range deliberately doesn’t have shoulder straps. Instead, we ensure that the soft waist band gently cradles the stomach and provides adequate lumbar support. In both ranges, we ensure freedom of movement is maintained. Here’s our size guide.


You also need to consider the elasticity of the material used to make the shorts. At G4, we choose an extremely stretchy Lycra fabric which helps to both promote the fluidity of the pedalling action and eliminate chafing. Seams are concealed again to limit any potential for discomfort. In addition, this material helps prevent the build-up of lactic acid thereby reducing post-ride muscle fatigue.



At G4, the fabric choice is our unique selling point, our savoir faire. We want to offer our clients the best products made from the most sought after, premium fabrics on the market. Enjoy the exceptional quality of our Distinguished product range made from POWERGAIN fabric or our top-of-the-range Luxe collection made from LUXOR. All our products benefit from UV50 + treatment for improved durability and sun protection.


With shorts, there’s something even more important than the fabric, it’s the chamois pad. Its function is to absorb all the bumps and shocks from the road surface and also to wick away sweat while you’re riding. Our G4 Pro HD 100 chamois pad, the result of rigorous testing and many years’ experience of professional cycling, is the pinnacle in terms of quality and innovation, and exceeds our clients’ expectations of comfort. We guarantee you won’t find better anywhere else. We offer two models, one designed for gentlemen and the other for the ladies, which have been especially developed for each one’s particular anatomical requirements. The quality of our G4 Pro HD 100 chamois pads are also much appreciated in the professional peloton.


Discover the quality of our shorts without delay and enjoy la performance élégante on the roads.

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