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Today G4 presents you with episode 2 of its G4 – TV tips series!

Today, Geoffroy Lequatre has the pleasure to introduce you to the history of our Supreme cycling jackets: SUPREMELY technical and sophisticated cycling jackets.

We all dream of a world where time is all the more important, a world in which we can ride anywhere, anytime and in all weather conditions! With Geoffroy Lequatre’s know-how and imagination we have designed the SUPREME collection: our must-have G4 cycling collection!


Supreme Black Cycling Jackets


Why were Supreme technical jackets created? And how were they designed?
Find out all the answers in this blog for a new episode of exclusive Tips!




In 2017, Geoffroy Lequatre wanted to create a unique Supreme cycling jacket that would be perfect for mid-season / winter riding. A technical jacket that provides you with an unprecedented comfort but also a sublime and distinguished look.

For seasoned cyclists and connoisseurs of cycling history, the Supreme cycling jacket is based on the technique of a breathable rain jacket like the “Gabba”. Gabriel Rasch, a former Norwegian professional cyclist, gave his name to this type of cycling jacket at the time.
A breathable, waterproof jacket, ideal for high level cycling to ride comfortably and safely, without being too hot or too cold while remaining protected.


Veste supreme

Supreme Evolution Bike Jacket




G4 has developed 4 different Supreme bike jackets with different techniques and styles. Why 4? Simply to meet all your needs and offer you the choice according to your preferences.




The first Supreme technical jacket created by G4 was the Supreme Flash cycling jacket: a water-repellent jacket with 3/4 sleeves specially designed for harsh weather conditions (rain, cold) that will protect you properly during your autumn outings.


Supreme Flash Short Sleeve Jacket


Supreme Flash features multiple vents within the bike jacket to help you transfer moisture to the outside for your best comfort.
At the lower back, you’ll find a V Shape fabric insert extending the jacket to ensure optimal protection for your lumbar and buttocks.


Flash water-repellent technical jacket


A cycling jacket in classic and elegant black combined with sidereal and reflective grey on the sleeves so you won’t go unnoticed on the road!




The second Supreme bike jacket was the Supreme Black: a technical jacket imagined in the continuity of the Supreme Flash in order to offer you this time a real all-terrain jacket, weatherproof!


Supreme Black Cycling Jackets


This one has extended sleeves with a reflective and ventilated strip at the back of the arm for your best safety. Plus, a neoprene fabric at the wrist for good insulation and a fleece fabric on the inside to give you inimitable softness and coverage. An ideal cycling jacket for fall and winter!


4 G4 rivets on the Supreme Black cycling jacket


The Supreme Black bike jacket unlike the Supreme Flash has a different logo: a 4Secure concept, four reflective safety points for an elegant and innovative jacket in terms of security.




The Supreme Evolution cycling jacket is your must-have for mid-season!


Supreme Evolution Bike Jackets


It is a light long-sleeved jacket, the result of an evolution of the previous one: the Supreme Black. Even lighter and more breathable for even more comfort on the road!
On the inside, an absorbent microfiber to wick away moisture and on the outside, the same water-repellent limb to stay dry during rainy outings.

In terms of design, the logo is different, find a G4 logo revisited and fully reflective.


Logo G4 Evolution




Here is the latest edition of the Supreme bike jacket: the Supreme Blue technical jacket in oceanic night blue, for a unique style that is always unbeatable!


Supreme Blue technical jackets


Geoffroy Lequatre wanted in this new 2021 edition to remain sober and elegant while leaving the “classic” black. A blue imagined with elegance and prestige in mind, reminding you of the colors of the Mediterranean sea of the French Riviera: cradle of the G4 adventure.
Supreme Blue takes up the same technicality as Supreme Black: a waterproof, thermal and covering jacket. Like the 3 other Supreme cycling jackets, it also has that V Shape foundation and its four elegant and iconic rivets.

Now you know a little more about the history of our Supreme cycling collection, a collection that has won the hearts of all our customers.

With G4, supremacy is in your hands!


Women’s Supreme Black Cycling Jacket


Discover all of Geoffroy Lequatre’s tips and more details about the creation of the 4 Supreme technical jackets in our new video: G4 TV – Episode 2: G4’s Tips!



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