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The five essential points of G4 bib shorts

Bib-shorts which act as an interface between your bare buttocks and the saddle are an essential part of the cyclist’s kit. The right pair is like a second skin, helping you be more aerodynamic while eliminating chafing.

Choosing the right pair isn’t easy and you need to consider a number of features and functions in order to select the right ones.

G4 reinvents cycling shorts by combining design and performance.

Here is a complete guide about the 5 essential points of G4 bib shorts: comfort, the performance, the style, our female range, and our professional athletes who have chosen our bib shorts. Furthermore, as a bonus we make you discover our new bib short of the new INSTINCT collection.


First point: Comfort

Incredibly comfortable, G4 cycling shorts will answer all your expectations about comfort and performance without losing elegance. Indeed, all the G4 cycling shorts have the chamois pad pro HD 100 very comfortable and adapted to the cyclist morphology. Its function is to absorb all the bumps and shocks from the road surface and also to wick away sweat while you’re riding. You also need to consider the elasticity of the material used to make the shorts. At G4, we choose an extremely stretchy Lycra fabric which helps to both promote the fluidity of the pedaling action and eliminate chafing.


Second point: The performance

To ensure you exceptional performance and elegance on the roads, G4 creates you high-quality cycling shorts using high technology. G4 relies on its partners with the best high-tech fabrics all around Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Austria), which adopt specific expertise, to make sure you enjoy the best cycling shorts.


Third point: The style

All the G4 bib shorts have a refined style to offer you a good shape. Elegant or colorful, with anatomical cuts in order to adapt to the cyclist morphology, helping you be more aerodynamic, G4 cycling shorts offer you a comfortable and stylish pedaling. Enjoy the skills design of Geoffroy Lequatre founder of G4 brand. Discover our collections combining technicity and style


Fourth point: Our female range

Just like men, the G4 woman cycling bib short combines performance, comfort and elegance. The G4 pad is really unique, and we’ve now adapted it further, to the women’s morphology, to avoid any discomfort. For ease of use, our women’s ranges deliberately don’t have shoulder straps. Instead, we ensure that the soft waistband gently cradles the stomach and provides adequate lumbar support. In both ranges, we ensure freedom of movement is maintained.

Fifth point: Approved by professional cyclists

As you know our ranges are developed by Geoffroy Lequatre former professional cyclist. It’s the reason why many riders of the professional group have chosen to trust our products and approved them.


NEW IN THE INSTINCT’S COLLECTION with its detail sense. Enjoy the very new instinct bibs made by G4 ultra performant with its aero-dynamic fabric to let the ventilation goes on. its compressive and anti-abrasive fabric than a great elasticity that provides total freedom of movement for your longs bike rides. This instinct bib is suitable for the summer season, too much light and with ultra-effective ventilation, it’s the must-have apparel for the highest heat. Thanks to this collection, adopt an elegantly instinctive style!

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At G4 all our bibs suit perfectly with all our jerseys, then do not hesitate to combine our ranges for an elegant and unique style.

Our ambassador opinion

Larisa Stefana: « G4 bib shorts are very comfortable, the chamois feels good and it’s very carefully made to give you some soft cushion on the saddle, breathable material and a snug fit, which most shorts have. What I like about the bib short it’s the chamois because it’s quality made and if you go on the long ride the chamois is the most important to feel comfortable. What I also like it’s the great leg compression and silicone grips on the legs »