We just choose this title, little bit clickbait to invite you to read this article.

It’s some information about how and why Geoffroy Lequatre decided to create his brand, to imagine bold outfits and to develop his own products with the best factory and the best raw materials.

The price issue is not an easy one. You can find a lot of shorts which are sold on the market. On internet or in stores, the difference is really big and it’s not easy to navigate and find the best outfit with the good price.  So, how to make a difference? What is really worth our shorts over 200 €? how to justify such a high price when some only cost 30 €?

We will answer these questions using the example we know best, our G4 bib shorts, and more particularly our instinct bib short.



The pad is the most important part of the bib-shorts. Geoffroy Lequatre know it, when he was professional cyclist on Le Tour de France for example, a high-quality pad is essential.

Moreover, G4 equips more than twenty professional French cyclist with the G4 HD 100 Pad.

This is the first thing that has been developed on G4. A unique Pad in the world, imagined and designed in our workshops, tested by Geoffroy Lequatre and many other cyclists!


Our G4 Pad is a unique creation. It’s a 100% G4 creation and we will detail its manufacture.

The PRO HD 100 skin features a dual, dimpled memory foam that delivers comfort, stability and water transfer throughout a race or long endurance race.



G4 has made its Pad unique and luxurious. The choice of the fabric results from long months of research! Several prototypes tested by Geoffroy to achieve a selection of the softest and resistant materials that allow you to ride more than 4 hours on your saddle.

Hypoallergenic raw materials have been used in production to guarantee royal comfort.

We also chose a double foam with flat seams 4 needles for comfort and maximum softness. You will get the sensation of wearing a second skin.

Another detail about the PRO HD 100 pad leather is extremely resistant to washing and, thanks to its honeycomb shape, dries very quickly.


Men and women have different requirements. At G4, we design shorts and skins adapted to both morphologies. foams have been arranged and studied according to the anatomy of each one.  you will not find these specific adaptations from all manufacturers.


Comfort is the essential criteria in the creation of this pad but Geoffroy has also focused on the search about performance. How can technical expertise foam so much influence results, endurance and efficiency on a bike?

Axis! With a bib shorts and a high-quality pad, you stay in the axis of your saddle and your bike. More efficiency on the bike.

About endurance: an outfit, a bib-shorts and a comfortable pad guarantee will give you comfort without pain all along the challenges!

Same for shock absorption and pain in the lumbar and cervical areas. Our pad absorbs shocks caused by road vibrations and reduces those pains that can be very annoying during your ride.



All G4 products are designed in France, on La Côte d’Azur and made entirely in Italy.

Italy is world renowned in the fields of fashion, luxury, in short, beautiful things. Who better than a country qualified in these fields to produce clothing of a high-end and differentiating bicycle brand? It is for this reason that Geoffroy decided to have his clothes produced in Italian factories. Admittedly, the cost of labor is higher than elsewhere, but the staff is highly qualified! Another factor favorable to our production in Italy, its proximity to the Côte d’Azur: we are only four hours away from our factories!


About the fabrics, we work with the most prestigious production and factory in the world: in Italy, Austria, Japan, Switzerland and France! From these collaborations come new fabrications and specific know-how. New generation fabrics are born, such as our POWERGAIN compression fabric (especially used for our bib-shorts) or the LUXOR fully laser structured fabric. Noble materials rarely, or ever used for cycling clothing such as leather, velvet or lace are part of our outfits making each collection unique. Ultra-light 55gr warp and weft fabrics are used for our Instinct model, or 100% printable and reflective fabrics, just like our Archangel collection. Nothing is left to chance whether it is at the level of the zips (golden, silver, masked, visible …), fashion accessories like the four rivets specific to G4, elastic (wide, thinner, colored …) or fabrics, everything is studied to the millimeter by Geoffroy Lequatre.



Our instinct bib-shorts are the best example about fabric. It’ ultra-light: thanks to the laser-patterned 1mm perforated fabric, as well as our 4-way® fabric, designed with ceramic inserts and our “sensory” ultra-light shoulder straps.

These fabrics also protect the skin of cyclists from hot weather with a UV50 treatment. Finally, the compression effect on the thighs and buttocks curl the legs and promote blood circulation in the muscles and it’s bring more oxygen in the muscles to increases performance.


We will not go back on the G4 Pad, you know enough now!

Women’s G4 bib-shorts offer other specificities than men’s. Geoffroy Lequatre put strapless shorts for ladies. An elastic fabric that is both compressive and comfortable.



A bib-short is created with research and development wich is unique to each new collection. Inspired by modern codes of a constantly evolving haute couture industry, Geoffroy Lequatre brings a personal and professional touch to each product to break the image of the classic, basic black shorts.


The classic black bib-shorts have been redesigned to become a true designer bib-short that pushes the high-end standards of cycling. Clean design and carefully crafted lines are the trademark of G4, especially for the Instinct collection.

Why should we be dressed in the same way?

Designer since very young, Geoffroy has always try to distinguish his creations by a personal touch. His experience brings in the design an incomparable authenticity that will satisfy the most demanding of you


Geoffroy Lequatre reinvents the codes to bring the excellence and the requirement of the brand through its collections. The experience and vision of a pro athlete allows men to be efficient and technical, without erasing elegance and aesthetics. It is a unique know-how and creativity that has no rest except sleep. The requirement and the boldness must be daily to guarantee high quality about the products and the service.

This result come from hundreds of hours of work. The quality of the fabric and the technicality of the bib-short must seduce, make dream and transport the cyclist that you are.


This file reflects our desire for transparency towards our customers. It’s not justification. Friends, employees, customers or just visitors: everyone who participates with us in the G4 adventure shares our values.

It is these values that animate us and that allowed us to believe in this project. Elegance and performance are not just words with a logo but it’s also the expression of a desire to move and advance mentalities.

Performance can be elegant, and it is the boldness of G4 that will make you live the experience.