Rain and humidity are enemies of cycling comfort. This year, G4 offers you the perfect solution to pedal comfortably in all circumstances, even in the rain!

Discover our Rainsystem 2.0 cycling rain jacket, our new 2021 cycling rain jacket! Elegant, refined, but above all completely waterproof and with reflective details, you won’t be disappointed!

Today we have the pleasure to make you discover it in details, through a rather particular test… Are you ready?



And yes, it’s Bob today who will test this new technical jacket, and what better way than to test it directly under the rain? We’ve got a fun little video for you, to show you that the Rainsystem 2.0 cycling jacket is unique and unrivaled in the cycling jacket market!


Our dummy Bob ready to find out with the Rainsystem 2.0 bike rain jacket designed by Geoffroy Lequatre!




You read that right, waterproofness without fail! The Rainsystem 2.0 bike jacket is equipped with a new generation of fabrics offering the highest level of waterproofing thanks to its 3-layer windproof StromLight membrane specially developed by Toyota.
The seams of the jacket are thermo-welded to ensure no water gets through.

In order to test its waterproofness, we placed a sheet of paper under the technical cycling jacket of our dummy Bob, and left it under the rain for a few hours.



VERDICT: The result was more than conclusive since once the dummy was recovered, we were first able to analyze the formation of water drops on the surface of the material to prevent the fabric from being impregnated.



In a second time, when we opened the rain jacket we immediately noticed that the paper had not moved, it was not wet even after being under the rain for hours. Rather effective, isn’t it?



That’s not all, we designed a waterproof jacket yes, but also breathable! This is very important because a waterproof cycling jacket will not let water penetrate and therefore will block your sweat. This is not the case with Rainsystem 2.0 which has been designed with maximum breathability! Comfort, comfort and only comfort for this new cycling jacket!


160G ONLY!


The new Rainsystem 2.0 jacket is also incredible in terms of weight! It weighs only 160 grams to give you a unique lightness on the bike. Very light, it offers a perfect fit to protect the cyclist on the bike. Moreover, in terms of practicality, it will be easy to store it in the back pocket of your jersey.



The Rainsystem 2.0 jacket is a must-have in your cycling wardrobe for year-round training and competition. The ultimate protection against all possible weather elements!



To know more about this new ultra technical jacket Rainsystem 2.0 from G4, discover our video test with our mascot Bob!



The G4 team


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