A cycling brand “Made in Italy”, why?

Dear cycling friends, many of you wanted to know why G4 is a  “Made in Italy” cycling brand. After having recently revealed the history of the brand, it is time to reveal to you why this “made in Italy”.


Italy, luxury homeland and fief of many cycling brands

At the mere mention of the luxury industry, whether you are consumers or not, two countries come directly into your mind. Italy and France. Let’s take an extra minute, too. Whether you are also attracted to fashion or not, which cities come to mind first? Here again, Milan and Paris, capitals of fashion where the annual Fashion Week takes place. Let’s go further now. When it comes to cycling, which countries do you think come first? Well yes, Italy again for his Giro and France with his Tour de France. These two countries, often rivals, offer what is best in terms of luxury and also in terms of cycling. Many cycling brands exist in Italy!

giro vibe

It is indeed the second largest manufacturing country in Europe and sees a phenomenon of reshoring (industrial relocation) taking place. It is the 2nd country in the EU to registering the most relocation. France ranking 3rd. LVMH, a French group, recently relocated part of its production to northern Italy. G4 chose Italy from the beginning. Major luxury brands such as Prada, Ferragamo, Benetton have also relocated some of their productions in there.

The DNA of G4 breathes France and more precisely the Côte d’Azur which, as you know, has a border with Italy. You may not know it, but Nice is exactly 318 km away from Milan, 4 hours driving. Easy to spend a relaxing and sporty weekend if you can load your bikes in your car!


The garment factories partners of G4

Geographic proximity to the Côte d’Azur pushed Geoffroy Lequatre to prospect directly in northern Italy. The goal was precise: find partner factories. The area from Turin to Trieste is full of factories working in the manufacture of textiles for cycling. 3 factories were selected whom one is used for sportswear only! Fabrics used for confection came from Austria, Switzerland, France, and Japan. The first samples from the factories have confirmed Geoffroy in his choice! The manufacture was, is and will remain Italian.

factory 1 factory 2 factory 3

The other reason for choosing Italy at the expense of France for confection is due to Italian know-how. The assembly is qualitatively superior in the world of cycling. However, France in terms of technical fibers for sport is the best in the world.

technical fiber

Finally, Geoffroy was a partner of Lance Armstrong at the time and was riding in Nike (Lance sponsor), which was made in Italy. Thus, throughout his career, he mainly wore Italian clothing.


Environmental reasons

Let’s take cycling as it was originally, excluding the carbon footprint generated by the UCI’s biggest races. It is one of the only sports including long trips and respectful of the environment.

Beyond the Italian know-how, we chose a country geographically close, just 6 hours away from the French Riviera, closer than the capital. Some of our products include eco-certified and responsible dyes. We also use recycled fibers for our arm and leg warmers.



Regular checks

This geographical proximity increases quality in fine, since we regularly carry out quality controls to guarantee equipment that meets all your needs and all the climatic conditions. Always bringing this touch of elegance, inalienable to the brand.

This also allows us to maintain a more fluid relationship between our research and development and our production plants. While allowing faster delivery of your products.

zip 1  zip 3


A cycling brand “made in Italy”

G4 is turned towards quasi-exclusive and limited productions with short circuits. Thus, the brand is closer to craftsmanship than to mass production,  which is mainly offered by major brands that you can find on the internet at bargain prices and at all resellers. By reading this article, you will understand why G4 offers higher prices: selection of highly technical fabrics, manufacturing in Italy and limited collection. It is also a desire to offer a cycling brand, entirely designed by a former professional cyclist. Now a designer on the Côte d’Azur for riders looking for experience and a cycling brand, different!


Dolce Vita and bike

Italy has always been one of the cradles of historic cycling. Its traditional races (San Remo, the Giro, the Tour of Lombardy) and its “caldo” side thanks to its tifosis among the most expressive supporters. The Giro has returned to the pace in terms of race but also interest to the public. Riders who are passionate about performing. The roads are legendary and have shaped the history of cycling.

Tifosi during Giro

Also, the after-bike is very good quality thanks to the Italian lifestyle: coffee, vino, pasta to name a few. Always in moderation to start again.

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