Ride as a twosome!

As Albert Einstein put it, “life is like a bicycle, you have to move forward so as not to lose your balance”. Staying open-minded is important when looking at the world around us. And if we look at it a little closer, we realise that more and more people are travelling by bike, either with friends or with their loved ones. It’s true, travelling by bike reminds us why we travel.



The first question you might ask yourself is why travel by bike when you have the opportunity to fly, take a train, or even drive. Of course, there’s the ecological aspect, You don’t have to compare CO2 emissions between a plane and a bike to appreciate it … But to travel by bike as a couple brings a feeling of freedom and the contentedness of resuming a natural rhythm to counter all the pressures of everyday life. Riding is for everyone, even your other half, particularly at the week-ends when you should be able to ride around 40km per day at an average speed of 15km/h. The goal is not to measure these performances but to take them at a more relaxed pace, taking time to discover your surroundings and the many attractions along the cycling paths. For once, experience the noise, colours, scents and unexpected discoveries of a rich and varied local culture.

In the end, the destination is not the most important thing in this kind of experience, it’s the journey. The wealth of encounters along the way, meeting the locals, discovering artisanal heritage or the local gastronomy, are all far more important. Cycling also helps to prevent the build-up of stress and anxieties that are ever more common in today’s society. Cycling is often used to introduce balance, an escape route that allows you to avoid thinking about work and all the little hassles of everyday life.



We now come to the second most important question when we embark on a bike trip. What equipment to choose in order to maximise our effort and pleasure? When you’re a couple, it’s a great idea to have similar bikes with similar set ups. Note electrically assisted bicycles have become more widely available and can be an excellent compromise even if they remain expensive to buy (about 2500 €). Don’t be afraid to invest in good equipment this’ll save you from unexpected expenses during your rides.

When it comes to kit, the most important piece for improved comfort on the bike is a pair of cycling shorts. At G4, all our shorts have a proprietary chamois and are made from a compression fabric which supports and maintains the muscles. We have chosen a particularly stretchable Lycra fabric to aid the fluidity of your pedalling and which eliminates chafing. You’ll also find this Lycra in all of our cycling jerseys because it provides greater aerodynamics and wicks away perspiration. Our G4 shirts are all certified UV50 + not only to protect your skin but also to avoid sunstroke. Also consider whether to wear shoe covers to avoid them getting soaked in the rain.



We are well-known for designing complementary clothing for men and women. For example, we have a men’s and women’s jersey in the Tropic Collection so that you can ride in the same colourway, look more elegant on the road and sharpen your performance for those journeys filled with emotions. Travel light, travel economically, and “physically” enjoy your trip!