A few months ago, Amaury Sport announced the Grand Départ of the Tour de France 2020 in Nice. The G4 team was enthusiastic and we told you about the two start and final stages on the Promenade des Anglais. More recently, it was at Nice City Hall that the Etape du Tour was also announced in Nice. Once again we were there and it was hard to hide our joy.

Today, at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, the complete Tour de France 2020 was finally unveiled and Geoffroy Lequatre was there. A 100% French course, from the mountains, only one Time Trial and the start of the third stage in Nice as well. So much information that we will decrypt for you.


Moutain start


2020 will be a special year for the Tour de France, it has been a number of years since the start was not so difficult for the riders. Indeed, on the first six days, of course, only two smiles to the sprinter’s teams. Note the first arrival at the summit just four days after the departure of Nice … leaders, will they already reveal themselves?

The continuation of the program, at least until the day of rest, is of the same ilk of the runners confronted the Pyrenees as of the first week of course.

The first day of classes or lessons, all you need to avoid the attraction or the wait. Rather interesting, no?

 The second part for sprinters? Not sure…

The three stages following the day of rest will give the sprinters three chances in a very mountainous Tour de France. It will not miss his chance and leave too much ahead of the fighters.

Will the next three stages be a new opportunity for the contenders to win to explain? A mid-mountain stage of the most used or we could see a puncher to illustrate … You think the same thing as we imagine!

Arrived at the summit for the stage which will precede the second day of rest. A climb of the Col du Colombier under almost all its seams and arrival in passages to nearly 12%.


Chaotic Last Week

Between the queen stage at the top of the Loze pass and the time trial with her arrival at the top of the Planche des belles filles, a single stage will give the sprinters a chance to win before the Champs Elysees … absolutely everything else The course will end up using organizations and force leaders to fight until the last moment.