Laurine, our new G4 ambassador, had the opportunity to try the Pure cycling outfit from our new Spring-Summer 2019 collections! She tells you about this collection in the smallest details, between elegance, comfort and performance she highlights the strong points of this original and unique outfit.

Laurine is since young in the world of cycling, we can say that she comes from a family of cyclists! With a brother who is cycling coach and a sister competing at a national level in mountain bike, Laurine also had to be a cyclist. She has done 12 years of cycling in competition!

“With G4 I finally found a design brand.” With Geoffroy Lequatre’s innovative designs and cuts, Laurine has finally found a cycling brand that meets its expectations in terms of both performance and aesthetics. We let you discover his test of our new Pure outfit!




While she was just out I had the opportunity to test this new Pure outfit. Like other G4 collections, this collection is different from the others. Colors are beautiful! The outfit design changes from what we usually see in the world of cycling. I found this Pure outfit both feminine and classy.



First of all, the design is daring! We have with this outfit the opportunity to wear a beautiful blue ocean bib shorts with its elastic band. It changes us from classic outfits with mostly black bib shorts, change! That’s all I expect from a new outfit, original colors changing from the ordinary.

For the shirt, it corresponds exactly to what I wanted, once again the originality is there with class and fine patterns. The two colors intermingle perfectly for an exceptional result!




After testing the Pure outfit all day, I found that the comfort was really there! The comfort on the saddle thanks to the G4 pad simply amazed me, the comfort remained unchanged over the hours. It’s something I had never seen before!

All the fabrics of the outfit in general are there to have an optimal comfort.

I had a lot of prejudices concerning strapless bib shorts about maintaining and comforting the pelvis. Finally, I was pleasantly surprised by this one! Despite the fact that there are no straps, the bib shorts are not too tight at the waist to keep it in place. It does not tighten at all you feel very good even after several hours of rides!


The jersey is also extremely comfortable, it is really light. It’s like a second skin. He perfectly adapted to my morphology, I felt comfortable throughout this day.

The zip protection at the collar is also a real plus, it avoids irritation in the neck that are very disturbing when riding a bike regularly. Same thing at the level of the maintenance of the jersey, the elastics perfectly maintain the jersey both at the level of the sleeves than at the pelvis.




For a perfect and complete style I opt for a pair of white Luxe socks with white leather gloves! The white color perfectly highlights the green and blue shades of the outfit!

White is the sure bet for the accessories of a cycling outfit for an outfit at the forefront of elegance.

The PURE cycling outfit is waiting for you!


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