The new Sunwave 2020 summer cycling collection is undoubtedly the most daring, daring, and colorful collection of the year at G4. Incredibly light and comfortable, it stands out as THE iconic and essential outfit of the 2020’s summer line. As technical as it is aesthetic, the Sunwave cycling outfit never stop to surprise you. We tell you everything about this colorful cycling kit through the following few lines.


Sunwave cycling outfit: the DNA of the Côte d’Azur

What characterizes the Côte d’Azur? The attributes are lot, few thinks are in particular mimosa, the red earth of Estérel mountain, the lemon of Menton, the blue sea, “la vieille ville” of Nice or stones “ballets” beaches, or the sunsets. But in reality, there is a question to ask; What these characteristics have in common in the French Riviera? The answer is the : COLORS. The colors of the walls , which make the Old City “vieux Nice” what it is, the red color that makes the lands of Estérel so amazing, the azur blue sea, which is turquoise too,  to makes the Mediterranean sea , so speacial. We created this Sunwave cycling outfit to pay tribute to the colors of the sky during a sunrise aswell the sunset, to the landscape and to the sea of ​​the French Riviera. This reflect the DNA of our beautiful region that we want to sublimate on our 2020 collections.

Sunwave cycling outfit: trends, harmony

This Sunwave cycling collection for men and women takes up a trend of the moment on bikes, degraded pastel colors. This is obviously not the first time we have used this process in our designs. Remember last year’s G4 Mumbai cycling wear This the trend is still current and Geoffroy has given Sunwave its homogeneity thanks to the gradient. Whether it is from burgundy to azur blue, with a touch of pink for women or from burgundy to azur blue throughout orange for men and yellow for women cyclists, the harmony of our Sunwave cycling outfit is just perfect. Adding a deep blue shorts for these cycling ladies and black shorts for riders, which is completed the gradient on the elastic on the legs and you finaly get the beautiful Sunwave collection from G4.

Sunwave cycling outfit: Safe thanks to its colors

Let’s talk about safety and visibility on the road now. This is a subject that becomes more and more important as the number of cyclists increases! Unfortunately, the number of accidents is also increasing and it is important for us to do something, at our level to guarantee the safety of cyclists on the road. In particular, we launched the first 100% reflective winter jacket, Archangel. Then, in the winter of 2020, you discovered E.Motion cycling jackets too, the first bike jacket to have an optical fiber to be seen several hundred meters away, But in summer, a cycling outfit doesn’t need always light, just color or reflecting parts. That’s why our Sunwave cycling outfit is so colorful and every cars are able to see from far away.. We had an aesthetic objective as you read above, but also a security is the number one for us, when we create a G4 cycling collection.

Sunwave cycling kit: a technical cycling collection

You know, that at G4 we lare looking for perfection and not neglect any details! In addition to a trendy design, technical and safe details must be added to the Sunwave colorful cycling wear , gives to Sunwave  a technical collection mention ! Be elegant but be efficient, feel good and confortable.

Take the jersey, for the base (for women and men) we opted for our Skin Lycra fabric. A light, comfortable fabric that provides an incomparable feeling of softness and breathability. For breathability, we opted for the sleeves, for a LightMesh fabric, it’s real second skin.

For the shorts and bibs shorts now, we have kept what works in the other G4 cycling bibs, our PowerGain compression fabric,  which gives shape, maintains, and enhances comfort and performance. On the other hand, under hot weather, the thighs of cyclists tend to heat up! that’s why on the inside of the thighs, we used a brand new 3D mesh fabric that solves the heat problem and give you ventilation. Obviously, our Pro HD 100 chamois is the bottom of the shorts that finalizes the Sunwave shorts.  We also taking care about UV damages, so the whole Sunwaves cycling kit has an UV 50 treatment, which protect you again the sun during your rides! You can’t live and ride without the G4 anti-uv Sunwave cycling kit and we neither!

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