Woman cycling Allure Collection: Laurine tested

You’ve no doubt heard of our new Allure cycling outfit. This capsule collection available in only four quantities is THE reference to our brand G4. It represents all the values ​​of G4, efficient, elegant and one of a kind!

Last week, Benjamin tested this magnificent Allure cycling outfit for you. He took advantage of this article to come back to the qualities of this outfit with you. Today, it’s Laurine who talks to you about the woman’s outfit in every detail.


Allure cycling woman jersey

“To start, I’m going to talk about the aesthetics of this jersey, it’s just beautiful with a sober but super effective design. The omnipresent white, clearly, I love for sunny days! This jersey does not go unnoticed.

I also found it very pleasant on my skin, it fits well with the black fabric-lined on the shoulders for a lot of comfort during the movements in addition to giving a touch of elegance to the jersey.

The back pockets are so practical because they are very large but super discreet and a little nod to the logo on the shoulder that completes the design of all G4 outfits.

Woman cycling Allure short

This is the ultimate shorts for women, it is super shapely and super comfortable! It gives an impression of a second skin, in particular, thanks to the fabrics chosen and this more than pleasant Pro HD 100 pad.

The comfort of a short is really essential to be able to stay several hours on a bike and G4 has made it a priority! So it’s always a perfect combination of comfort and performance for my enjoyment.

Allure woman Socks

We are lucky at G4 because there is always a pair of socks to match their beautiful outfits. There too there is work on the design, the quality of the fabrics, and the comfort.

We have the choice between a black pair or a white pair according to desires and preferences.

They give the final touch to this outfit that style enthusiasts like me will appreciate. ”

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