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Seamless technology : The ultimate excellence !

The human body adapts quickly and effectively to a sport activity. The pulse is accelerating to increase the oxygen transport in the blood vessels. In order to keep the body temperature constant at 37 ° C, blood flows into the peripheral vessels, where it’s cooled by evaporation of sweat. Technical clothes that merely evacuate body sweat disrupts natural thermal regulation. Instead of relieving the body, this entails additional energy expenditure. We are losing even more sweat, as well as precious minerals.


To solve this problem, G4 is using 2 high end fibers the first one the Seampower ®, and the second one the Seampower® 3D, which optimizes the body’s performance.


G4 obsession is to propose in all our accessories a quality of polypropylene fiber coupled to a seamless technique for a better compression effect. Our fiber is composed of a hypoallergenic filament that guarantees protection, ventilation and thermoregulation.


We have a full range of products with Seamless technology, but they are not designed with the same fiber. For our arm and leg warmers / compression tigh warmers /winter and summer base layer / winter caps, the Seampower ® fiber is used.




The Seampower ® fiber is a new multifilament microfiber with amazing thermal properties: despite its low specific weight compared to traditional fibers, it offers exceptional insulation. Seampower® is a finely produced yarn which is then transformed into a particularly dense knit. These are perfect products, lightweigth, and combine a high level of insulation. The different structures on the products, allows quickly evacuate air and moisture.


The properties of this fiber and the knitted structures distribute the sweat optimally over the entire surface of the skin. If you sweat, the moisture captured is effectively used by the Seampower ® system and  its evaporation is controlled.The Seampower ® is a thermoregulatory filament that reduces bacterial growth and smell. It contains an inorganic bacteriostatic component. The effectiveness of Seampower ® lies in a progressive release of microparticle, which is activated by body heat. These microparticles inhibit the multiplication of micro-organisms, thus preserving the skin and preventing allergic reactions. In other words, Seampower ® fiber is bacteriostatic (inhibits the proliferation of bacteria). It is particularly soft and breathable and guarantees an excellent fit.


manchettes noires


For our winter and summer baselayers, we use the Seampower ® 3D fiber!


Sous maillots hiver


Thanks to the Seampower ® 3D fiber, the G4 underwear offers a unique comfort to the athletes who wear them. The 3D woven reinforcements are positioned where the compression zones must be in contact with the body. Seampower ® 3D fibers distribute pressure over a large area of ​​the body. At the same time, the reinforcements are woven so that this zone of strong transpiration is effectively ventilated. This makes it possible to have a noticeable cooling effect during the active phases. At rest, air is trapped in the 5mm thick chambers to insulate the body.




As you can see, all our G4 products with seamless technology, are the most technical and efficient on the market, thanks to the Seampower® and Seampower® 3D fibers. They are also designed by our founder and designer Geoffroy Lequatre thanks to his expertise in the professional cycling field. His sense of details, guarantying you the best products, whatever your level of practice is. Seamless products are comfortable and performant, thanks to their stretch yarns and respect the environment because they are recyclable.


sous maillots hiver noirs


Wear Seamless clothes for your rides, the ultimate excellence!

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