G4 ride with you on your roads!

G4 is a French brand of high-end cycling clothing that brings together and federates with the slogan of LA PERFORMANCE ÉLÉGANTE . The G4 brand was born from the desire of Geoffroy Lequatre to  offer high-end cycling clothing, with performance and elegance. It is a brand for cyclists, created by a cyclist. So what better than rides, road and asphalt to allow you to discover our collections and our products ?


The G4 Rides, an opportunity to have fun on the bike ….

The G4 community is unique, it brings together and federates around our commun values: performance and elegance. It is an active community who ride whatever the level of the rider and who shares a coffee together at the end of the ride.

It is a passionate community and probably the most beautiful gift that we can have from our clients. We ride the roads of the world and each event is a new meeting with our customers, our partners or friends.

Each cycling sessions is organized and prepared by our teams, from the ride to the small coffee, everything is planned to make you discover and sometimes to make us discover the beauty of our landscapes and our roads.

Thanks to our partnerships with  MINI Paris or  Heroïn Bike, our cycling sessions are an opportunity for you to try and test exceptional bikes, comfortable, balanced and designed to sublimate your feelings on the saddle.

Several groups of cyclist and cycling club join us, it is for us a great opportunity to meet and discuss our vision of cycling.

… and to meet requirements,
because ride is a story about passion.

This passion, this sport, is obviously the feeling that brings together customers G4, friends, partners and Geoffroy Lequatre as well.

Everything was born on the road. It is important not to move away from practice to be able to consider and develop what will be tomorrow’s outfit.

Research and development are constant, materials evolve, fibers and fabrics too.

Il est nécessaire d’être informé et de tester. L’épreuve de la route est la meilleure des réponses, cela se vérifie avec notre test de la tenue archange hiver qui est l’une des plus techniques au monde ou de l’audacieuse combinaison Aero qui est une grande première chez G4.

It is important to be informed and to test products and fibers. The test of the road is the best answer, We can see it with our test of archangel winter suits  which  is one of the most technical jacket in the world.

…which needs to be tested in real conditions,

How could we understand  the specific needs and demands of our customers without sharing their emotions, feelings and roads?

Learn, exchange, discuss, stop, expect: This is the daily life of many cyclists and our ambition is to gather around these sensations to test the G4 products in real conditions, with you.

The development of our brand also means establishing strong, solid and lasting partnerships over time. Heroin Bike, MINI Paris and several cycling groups all over the world share our values ​​and it is always a pleasure to meet during a ride like this Sunday, May 12 in the Chevreuse Valley.

What’s next ?

We will continue, as an actor in the development of cycling in France and around the world, to organize rides to federate, gather and share our passion. Geoffroy, as a professional cyclist, will continue to share his experience and know-how. Many G4 products and partner products will be tested on these atmosphere and cycling sessions.

And for the most fan of the brand, beautiful new rides coming soon like this one : THE 7 HIGHEST

Stay tuned!

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