How to prepare for your first 100km bike ride?

How to prepare for your first 100km bike ride?

The 100km bike ride is often an important hurdle for amateur cyclists. But, rest assured, with minimal but focused preparation and training, you will succeed. G4 dimension has some words of wisdom to help you prepare for your first century!

1- Planning and preparation is key to reaching the 100km threshold

It goes without saying that to cross the 100km threshold will be done without minimal training. If you start cycling and only make short trips, plan a training of 2 months.
We advise you to ride at least 3 times a week and gradually. Do not start by outputs of 60km, you may disgust you. The first weeks does not exceed 2 hours. It is preferable to roll 3 times a week 1:30, once 3h.
Not always easy with work or family obligations, but a session of 1 hour, from home trainer or indoor spinning already a very good way to pedal in minimum time.
so enjoy weekends when longer bike rides. If you can, drive on Saturday and Sunday to get your body used to chain kilometers.
Gradually, you will feel less tired at the end of exit and take pleasure. During your short trips (between 1 and 1:30), get a challenge. Why not make a climb up your pace? Or some sign of acceleration in each village?

training cycling

2- Nutrition and Hydration are Fundamental

Food is an essential factor for successful long bike rides. The day before your exit 100km eat a plate of starchy foods that will help you save energy throughout your output. In the morning, take a hearty breakfast but not heavy to not overload the stomach.
On the bike, it will also require your supplies. Many energetic bars, gels with exercise or sports cake available in sports stores. Consider testing before long exit to avoid gastric problems that could ruin your day. You can also eat dried fruit, bananas, energy bars or homemade. It is much cheaper and just as nutritious.
Do not forget to hydrate! It is essential to the success of your output. Do not wait until thirsty to drink, it’s already too late. A sip every 15 minutes is ideal. Take two cans and choose a route on which there are fountains. A can per hour depending on weather conditions is recommended.

what to drink during my ride

3 – Preparing  cycling equipment from serene

The day before get all your kit ready. You can even make a small list so as not not to forget anything. It would be a great a pity not to succeed reach the end of your output for a seed material!
If you are not confident with the mechanics, take your bike to your local bike shop for a complete check-up. Remember to pack two inner tubes, a small pump and some patches in case of multiple punctures.
Your clothing also plays a vital role in the success of your long ride. Bike shorts with a chamois are indispensable. After three hours in the saddle, your body will start to tire. If your shorts are of poor quality you may start to overheat, experience lower back pain or even buttons … What spoil the party!
Also check the weather forecast and equip yourself accordingly. For example, take a newspaper or windbreaker for the descents.

the best cycling bib shorts

4 – Check out your route in advance for your ride

For your first 100km ride, check out the route beforehand. It would be a shame to leave on a bad route or while doing less kilometers than expected. Consider the height difference! An output with 600m or 2500m vertical drop is not at all the same effort. Just as output with the wind can change that.
Finally, a 100km bike ride is achievable if you follow these guidelines. Training is obviously essential but other factors, such as diet and equipment, will also contribute to your success.
Good luck!

The G4 dimension team

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