Resume cycling after confinement : G4’s advice

We are almost there! After two months of confinement. Home trainer training to keep in shape. Physical training sessions. Monday, May 11 you can let go full gas on the roads … Don’t forget to be careful of course! It has been a long and difficult period for many of you. However, it will be important to go back to the saddle step by step. Two months without riding on the road, it’s a lot! G4 would like to help you get back on the bike.

Go back on the bike yes, but don’t overdo the km and the intensity

Considering the number of stores out of stock of Home trainer you were undoubtedly many to roll from your home to keep the physical condition… However, the Home trainer certainly does not replace the practice on road! The sessions are short and very intense. You have maintained your cardiac capacities but the endurance is no longer there and you will have to accept it.
“The mistake that many will make to resume cycling on the road, but which must be avoided; leave for 4 or 5 hours of cycling on the pretext that we are de-confined.” Explains Geoffroy. Indeed, our body no longer has the capacity to withstand such sessions. It would be suicide. Rémi Cavagna, a professional at Deceuninck Quickstep, spoke on the subject in a recent article. He says that for him, getting back on the bike will be smooth with basic endurance outings to get back out of the box. The duration of the outings will change slowly afterward.

Go back on the bike, yes, but don’t forget to eat

To go back on the bike in the best conditions, don’t forget to bring something to eat. A two-hour session may be enough to lead you to severe hypoglycemia. During the containment no problem, you get off the bike and go to get something to eat in the closet. It sounds benign but remembers to take cereal bars with you to avoid a mishap…
And as we have all learned from this unprecedented period, prepare your own cereal bars that will accompany you to get back on the bike. A smart consumer close to you, this will be the strength of post-containment societies.


Go back on the bike yes, but with good clothes

During the entire confinement period, we accompanied you. Once with advice on physical preparation, the other with Home trainer sessions or even virtual wrinkles on Zwift with Geoffroy without forgetting our precious nutrition advice. Monday will be the big day, but we continue to be by your side. We have also developed the Label collection for the brand lovers. You will be able to resume cycling with the style and technicality of high-end clothing. Do not hesitate to visit our online store where many outfits are at low prices.
We hope to see you soon around a community walk in the G4 way.

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