We are always happy to take the time to read and respond to our customers’ feedback about their purchases at G4!

A customer review can sometimes change a decision on an item, so today we’re sharing Judith’s customer experience at G4. We hope it will help you learn more about our brand and our different cycling collections.




Compulsive buyer, I discovered the brand G4 a few years ago on the stage of the Tour de France and on the federal week. After the covid, there were no more events, so I started to follow them on social networks and to receive their very interesting newsletters. It’s true that it makes you want to buy right away when you see all their cycling collections, some more different than others!

I was always told about G4, that it was fun, trendy and super technical, but I had never taken the step to buy, until this summer when I took the plunge and decided to give myself a little present by offering me their new summer 2021 collections!


New bike outfit summer 2021 Sauvage woman




These are the two new collections of this summer 2021: Sauvage and Rétro that convinced me to take the plunge! I totally fell in love with these two new cycling outfits that are totally different and offbeat. Patterns, colors, fabrics that you can’t find anywhere else on the bike market! After having tested several cycling brands, I had a real crush on G4 clothes!



Sauvage gives me the feeling of being free on my bike, of surpassing myself and my limits! Finally, colorful and not dull cycling clothes: originality!
I’m tired of the classic cycling clothes we all have in our wardrobe, I wanted something unique and surprising. Well I’m not disappointed!

Retro is more classic but so sophisticated! With its velvet details … what creativity! The little dots on the sides and the vertical stripes offer a refined and elegant silhouette on the bike.

Discover Judith on her bike with her new G4 Retro cycling suit:





I am an experienced cyclist, I ride 6000km a year for fun, I don’t do competitions but long rides in clubs with my husband or with my friends. So I had the opportunity to test several brands of cycling clothes but when I tested the G4 clothes I really felt the difference. A unique comfort and lightness!

The G4 cycling jerseys are close to the body, perfectly cut, you can immediately see the long hours of work spent behind each collection. The two collections I picked up are completely different, which is what I like about G4. They offer variety, in terms of colors, patterns but also fabrics used.



For the woman shorts, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that they are the best shorts on the market! After so many years on the bike, I always had some irritations, some pains in the buttocks on the saddle. Well, thanks to the G4 chamois designed from scratch by Geoffroy Lequatre, former professional cyclist, founder and designer of G4, I don’t have any discomfort on the bike!



Comfort and quality yes, but style too! And for a woman my age (53), that’s what makes me happy.

Some of my friends told me that buying G4 was a cost, hence the time it took me to take the plunge. But buying quality has a price nowadays and I am ready to pay what it takes to be unique on the bike, to enjoy myself but above all to have an incomparable comfort. Life is about having fun after all! 🙂




I also took the opportunity to please my husband who wanted to renew his cycling wardrobe. I offered him the new Hype bike outfit of this summer. A sober black outfit with a fashionable and trendy houndstooth pattern. My husband is a very classic and elegant person, hence my choice of the outfit.
At first sight on the pictures I immediately found it super chic and refined, and when we received our order we said “wow, what quality”, it exceeded all our expectations in terms of aesthetics but also comfort.



As soon as my husband tried on his new outfit, he was immediately won over by this unique know-how. Such precision, a sense of detail, but also this fashion side, it’s like haute couture!




It is always a pleasure to receive G4 clothing with this precision packaging and their little attentions. You will find your clothes wrapped with care in a tissue paper, as well as a large G4 bag. It’s always nice to receive your long awaited new clothes, so well wrapped and cared for.



Finally, I would like to thank the online chat and Emma for her quick availability to answer my questions. Don’t hesitate if you have any question about a size to give them your measurements and they will know how to help you.

I had already met Geoffroy and Petra (his wife and ex-professional triathlete) at past events. They have always been very helpful and passionate about their work and development.

Thanks to Geoffroy for contacting me after my chat with Emma, to give me the opportunity to speak honestly about my purchase and customer experience with G4 to offer you honest feedback that can hopefully help you take the next step like I did.

Finally, you wouldn’t believe me if there were only positives about my buying experience. So, the only thing I can point out as a “negative” is that there are not enough collections. I fell in love with the brand so much that I would have loved to have more choices in the catalog.

PS: he didn’t give me a discount to write these glowing words 😀 But I sincerely wanted to speak out about the brand because I hear a lot over the years and I know that customer feedback is valuable when hesitating to buy.


The G4 Team