Nicoise salad, the champion’s starter!

At G4, as usual, we give paramount importance to healthy nutrition!

And in this week of racing “Paris-Nice”, our team offers the salad nicoise revived by us vegan vegan, which will be perfect to concoct at the end of the race to regain strength just after arrival.

Delight of freshness, flavors and colors when prepared according to the rules of the art, the salade nicoise must be composed at the base of raw vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, celery, green and red peppers, cucumbers, and, according to the season , beans, small purple artichokes … of basil leaves, nice black olives. All, seasoned and generously drizzled with olive oil.

This salad can be served as an appetizer with bread or a main dish, with a complement of French fries for example.


This gastronomic flagship of the County of Nice results from a long oral tradition (hence the fact that there is no standard recipe). The principle is to associate products (uncooked) that are grown in this specific region.

This salade niçoise will emulate. Adopted throughout Provence, it will be adopted also by the cards of the breweries of the whole France, where its execution remains random. In addition to vegetables, there are boiled eggs and anchovy fillets. Very often tuna is added. Seasoning with vinaigrette is a relatively recent practice and the presence of potatoes is totally prohibited, as well as that of the unfortunate green beans!


(for 4 people)

4 beautiful tomatoes

1 green pepper

2 beans

1 handful of mesclun

10 to 15 algae dulse (optional)

1 handful of black nicois olives

2 small purple artichokes

1 small cucumber (optional)

200 g of beans

6 basil leaves

1 celery heart (optional)

Olive oil


In a salad bowl, place finely minced scallions and artichokes, cleaned and finely chopped. Shell the beans, wash and cut the tomatoes into wedges, and add them in turn. Mince the pepper in small circles, the cucumber, peeled, sliced, and grate the celery. Wash the mesclun, spin and spread over the tomatoes. Decorate with circles of peppers, seaweed, black olives. When serving, add the basil leaves and lightly toast with olive oil or vinegar.

The entire dish is composed of products purely and freshly harvested from the lands of the Riviera and concocted with Provencal and traditional aromas which will give you the appetite.

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