How do you keep your butt from hurting on your bike?

How do you keep your butt from hurting on a bike? G4 has the solution!

“I’m looking for a super comfortable short to keep my buttocks from hurting”, “I’m looking for a bib-short for long rides” or “I can’t take it anymore, I’m looking for the best short you have because I’ve heard that you make the best women’s shorts”. Here are many questions that we receive on a daily basis and that we always take pleasure in answering and directing you to find the product(s) made for you.

So why do we have the right bib-shorts for you?

We benefit from the expertise of our former professional cyclist Geoffroy Lequatre who knows the world of cycling like the back of his hand. Thanks to his experience, Geoffroy chooses the best materials when developing his products to offer you the best comfort for your cycling outings. At G4, quality is the main element put forward during the creation of all our articles.



For a cyclist, bib-shorts are the essential clothing for cycling. It acts as an interface between the buttocks and the saddle, it will promote the compressive curve for a support during the effort and thanks to our PROHD100 skin, reduce friction, irritation and therefore the discomfort of the seat! With our bib-shorts, you’ll be able to ride for miles! The choice of bib-shorts is therefore decisive, that’s why at G4 we guide you and offer you our best advice.



For you, ladies and gentlemen, we have the best bib-shorts for compression, comfort and endurance.

The Pro 100 HD chamois leather is the centerpiece of all our bib-shorts, it is the one that makes the product stand out from the rest. Indeed, thanks to it, shocks on the road will be absorbed and that perspiration due to the activity will be evacuated. For women, chamois leather is ideal because its foam is memory foam and therefore adapts to each of your morphologies.



In addition, the size of our bib-shorts has been meticulously designed so that they do not force themselves on your pelvis and at the same time enhance you.

You can find all the characteristics of our bib-shorts and all our advice on how to choose the best adapted product in our guides.



The Nice 1920 Collector, Sunwave, Prestige or Luxe cycling shorts, for men and women, use the same technology as the Compression collection. The Compression fabric provides a sheathing effect on the buttocks, thighs, hips and stomach for better blood circulation and reduced water retention.

The women’s shorts are not equipped with straps, but have a high waist and an elastic waistband for optimal support and comfort even on long outings. On the other hand, the Prestige women’s bib-short has straps made of laser-cut and thermo-perforated SkynLycra fabric to give you a light and airy feeling in the back and shoulders.



All G4 designs have been created to sublimate you and offer you elegance in all circumstances.
Many professional cyclists have chosen G4 PROHD100 skins for their quality and performance and are very happy with them. Our customer satisfaction is paramount and we are proud of it.

We thank you for all your opinions that help us improve our products on a daily basis and for your loyalty. We hope that you will find the best adapted shorts to prevent you from getting a pain in your buttocks while cycling!


The G4 Team

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