Iron man de Morgane Moinard


For my IRONMAN preparation, I’m helped by two peoples : a friend who already prepared triathletes and my husband for the cycling part (ed : Amael Moinard, professional cyclist for Fortunéo-samsic team).

In general, I practice the three disciplines in the week, but I think it’s the same for everyone. I take two days of rest in the week. I do according to my physical condition. i’m be careful with my body and tiredness.


I try to do a long cycling ride in the week (more than 4h) where I wear my G4 outifts, the choice of the bib short and the pad is very important. With my favorites outfits : the Tropic and the Mediterranean collection, I’m sure to be confortable during efforts !

When I do short rides, I add intensity. For example, On 2 hours of cycling, I do fractionated 30X30 during 20 minutes and twice a week in the Col de Vence. And when I came home, I continue directly with 40min of running, in order to get my body used to what it will endure … I also do fractionate when I run. I don’t run long distance, it is not very reassuring but I do it to preserve my body because I have a tendinitis on the high insertion of the TFL (Tensor of Fascia Lata), So I do 4 running sessions per week of 30/40 min maximum, to accustom my body to run without too much aggravating tendonitis.



At the beginning of my preparation, I swam once a week and the other disciplines I practiced them more often but know, at the end of my preparation, i try to swim twice a 3 time per week, and when the weather is good I swim in the sea, because it’s not the same feeling at all ! Today, I train 12/14 hours per week, and I try to keep this rhythm.

I also did for the first time an effort test, to see where I am and how I have to adapt the effort and also, I went to control my position on the bike, to avoid micro traumas, and adapt a suitable position with the extensions!


I do Yoga on Monday with a teacher, to work my balance and stretching 20 min each day. I do it at night when the kids are in bed. I have to deal with my kids, my job, training …

For the food, I eat healthy and take care of my body, the way it reacts face to certain foods and I avoid them if they irritate my intestines. I also know that I don’t digest gluten very well, so I avoid eating it. You will think that it is fashion to eat Gluten free, but I really feel the good that it makes me to not eat it. I prefer porridge for breakfast, or eggs. I do tests for the IRONMAN which holds me most to the body while being digestible! The same on the bike, I also test to know what will happen during 7 hours of effort is not easy, it’s a job of everyday. However, so if a particular little desire takes me … like a Tropézienne Pie … I am easily tempted, yes, I even succumb!


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