Mont Ventoux is probably one of the most famous climbs in the cycling world! This reputation started with Tour de France! Mont Ventoux is extremely feared and formidable. His route has often been the scene of highlights of cycling.

Tom Simpson dans l’ascension du Mon Ventoux


The tragic death of Tom Simpson in 1967 while riding the Ventoux on the Tour de France is one of them. In 2000, then yellow jersey, Lance Armstrong leaves the stage victory to Marco Pantani at the top of 1912 meters where culminates this climb. We also remember the fall of Christopher Froome in 2016 because of the inconsiderable number of spectators on the road. Everyone remembers the British cyclist who, in panic, tries to finish the stage by running.

All these anecdotes are part of the history of cycling and that’s why Nicolas Geay integrated Mont Ventoux in his book “Cols de Légende”.


Nicolas Geay and Mont Ventoux


During our vote on social networks, you have often told us … “The Ventoux is not a mountain pass! “. It’s true, “it’s white earth placed there in the middle of Vaucluse,” says Nico Geay in his book. Nevertheless, it has its place in this book as much as the Alpine or Pyrenees passes. It is part of the history of cycling … It builds this story every time with the Tour de France; The Ventoux is “The theater of a tragedy more than a simple mountain pass”. “As if a Hollywood director had come to write each time a scenario”.

Like all twenty passes in his book, Nico Geay climbed Mont Ventoux. But before he climbed it for his book, it was for him that he did it. “For me, Mont Ventoux was like a complex, a lack. ”

One of his advice after his climb? to have a steel mind! Between heat, percentages, and wind, you have to want to get to the top of this giant …


Richard Virenque and Mont Ventoux


Richard Virenque, our brand ambassador, talked about Mont Ventoux in Cols de Légende. Between Richard and this climb, it’s a beautiful story. In 2002, then out of his year of suspension and after confessing his mistakes, Richard returns in a form sawtooth. Every day on the Tour de France is a level surprise. The legs respond well on stages and on others, it is very difficult. The stage of Ventoux looms and after a break of almost 200 kilometers, the Varois is needed at the top of Mont Ventoux.

To impose oneself up there is for him symbolic, it is THE mountain de Provence which makes vibrate the cycling planet. For a southern climber, there is nothing more beautiful.

Richard likes to climb this pass in the most difficult conditions, namely under more than 30 ° C “that’s where the differences are made” according to him.


Geoffroy Lequatre and Mont Ventoux


Geoffroy was euphoric to know that he was going to design a special Mont Ventoux jersey after your vote!

As Mont Ventoux he knows and appreciates it. He has climbed it several times and all the time by Bedouin (most borrowed side). “The slopes are severe in the forest and soften after the Chalet Reynard. […] when the wind is present, the last five kilometers go by power ! “.

Two career memories come at the head of Geoffroy when we talk about Mont Ventoux.

First, 2007, the Dauphiné. Geoffroy falls and hits a sports director’s car. He will still climb the Ventoux … The next day, in emergencies he realizes that one of his kidneys had been very damaged during his fall!

Then, in 2009, as soon as Mount Bald was approaching, the teams came back together … taking advantage of a strong wind, big rims were triggered and the leaders had already sorted out before the first slopes. It only remains to play the stage victory between sturdy.


The Mont Ventoux represents something strong whatever the level of practice that we have. At each level, we observe that cyclists have an anecdote to tell around this giant Vaucluse.

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