French luxury: the cycling has its share of the cake

French luxury: hustled values

First of all, French luxury is the expression of unmatched sophistication, refinement, and aesthetics. According to its tricolor definition, luxury puts forward unique know-how, an haute couture tradition. French luxury is a subtle blend of glamor and prestige accompanied by a touch of boldness!

This is the luxury of France and its international value remains unmatched. The hexagon stands out as the reference in the field, and this, since the 80s.

In addition, the outfits and clothing are no longer simple fabrics used to cover themselves. From now on, they are the expression of a personality and a personal audacity. The desire to be unique, to stand out and show it.

This trend, unique to haute couture and luxury accessories 40 years ago, is today. Cycling as other areas does not get away with it!


Technical outfits

The habits have changed, the sneakers are no longer solely for a sports elite and begin to show up during the meetings.

Indeed, the suit tie is no longer the exemplary dress code of the professional. The sportswear has become a playground for designers and creative fashion. Technicity and relaxation at the service of comfort, these are the new guidelines of many universes.

Sport is no longer the opposite of chic and the two intertwine , to offer ranges and products that push the limits of elegance and performance.


French know-how, real reply?

Elegance is no longer substitutable for comfort and vice versa, the performance of French know-how is precisely the opportunity to enjoy both at once.

France is a land of creator and audacity, the haute couture affirms it loud and clear throughout the world and all of this will not be possible without the talent and the work of the designers.



The ex-professional cyclist, Geoffroy Lequatre reinvents the codes of our time to convey the excellence and the demand of his brand through his collections.

Geoffroy Lequatre, fondateur et designer de la marque, ex-cycliste pro

Audacity, on the road as in creation, is one of the obvious answers to the needs of our time.

His vision of runner and sportsman brings what did not exist in the world of cycling: performance and technical outfits that does not erase elegance and aesthetics.

His experience as a cyclist brings unparalleled authenticity to the different collections of G4, the proof is, for example, with the archangel jacket. This is an audacious jacket that knows how to satisfy the most demanding of you in terms of aesthetics. An oil color and a very neat print detail that sublimates this hybrid long sleeve jacket. It is a summary of innovation and technicality designed to last.

The collections of G4 are the showcase of French know-how in the world of cycling. And the brand’s mission is to bring the values of aesthetics and performance boldly into the world of today cycling.


tissu G4

The design of a model is a long path before arriving at a finished and 100% satisfying product.

The requirement starts from the beginning of the process. In collaboration with the production teams in Italy, each model is worked from the fabric to the cut through the design.

Every detail, every finish is studied to the millimeter to match perfection with G4 values.


french luxury: technical products

The collections are creations that become prototypes and finally, clothes available for you. …


Fashion designer: this job is a dream for many children and young teenagers. The latter is in search of red carpet, rhinestones, and sequins. But it’s more than that. It is a unique know-how and creativity that has rest only sleep. The requirement and the audacity must be everyday to guarantee an irreproachable quality.

The world of luxury is demanding, G4 must be as much.

In fact, the innovative lines and precise cut are the results of hundreds of hours of work per collection. New technologies can only serve the technical nature of collections with the help of research and continuous and intensive development. Each line must seduce, make people dreaming and transport the cyclist you are. And well beyond the borders of simple sports products.

The performance can be elegant, and it is the audacity of G4 that will make you live the experience.


World champions?

French luxury is world champion in luxury, but what about Italy?

According to the Deloitte World Awards: the Champions of Luxury 2018, France is still the leader in luxury goods sales. “France is once again positioned as the leader in terms of market share in turnover in the sector, while Italy has the most companies. Nevertheless, the neighboring country is a historical challenger and we will try to understand why, in the next article!

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