The epic of three champions !

The race as if you were there!

We’ll tell you all about this race!

The Cyclo-cross World Championship is usually one of the last flagship week end of the season. It’s like the reward of participating in the race for the iridescent jersey.
More than 70 attendees from all over the world compete against each other to win this jersey and this prestigious title, this historical discipline comes from Belgium, the Netherlands but also from France.
The races follow each other from category to category including junior men, women, prospects and finally elite. An atmosphere of madness is present to support all these champions in a festive atmosphere, we were there for you with the three selected Team Cross Chazal Canyon.
Steve Chainel, leader of the team of France elite and our two under 23 years,  Yann Gras and Antoine Benoist, the most talented of their generation.
Valkenburg in Holland was therefore the chosen venue for this 2018 championship, one of the nations in high places of Cyclo Cross history. Adrie Van der poel, the most recognized of all, who scored the International Cyclo Cross on the basis of these results and his world class in the 90s is the best ambassador of Dutch Cyclo-Cross.
20 years later, his son , Mathieu Van der Poel is the favorite of the world champion.!

Story of this World Championship

He did it ! Yann won the bronze medal !

Saturday, the pressure rises with many races on a demanding course that title of English in juniors, women and men.
The pressure and fervor of the public are beginning to be felt in a cold and snowy climate.
The atmosphere is hot!

The impatient crowd is waiting fervently for its heroes !

Our young team members are on the list for Sunday morning and Saturday afternoon races.

The staff of the Cross Team goes to see its young at the hotel of the team of France, where a large French delegation is present for this great annual moment.
For his part Steve Chainel, preferred to book a cottage with his staff close to its sponsors to bring the interior of the approach of hours before the annual global event.
Geoffroy is therefore present for this last Weekend of competition for all the riders, the staff and the partners of the Cross Team.
We hope to finish the year Cyclo Cross in beauty.
In the wake of the world championship, recognition and training have been cut short because of a capricious weather.  As we say the dice are thrown, everyone is confident, tomorrow Sunday is the great mass…..!
Around a good meal and a great laugh, the latest development and organization for the day of the race are settled, there is more than…..
Sunday morning early, all the staff of the Cross Team is in custody and we feel the pressure rises nicely.
It is below 0 °C and the weather looks pretty tough, as well as the course which is one of the most demanding of the decade.

A long rest before the race !

At 11 o’clock, finally, our two espoir, Yann and Antoine, are launched under the colors of France. We are witnessing a great race with a fantastic ending, Yann is third and bronze medal and Antoine, sixth and 1st espoir 1. CONGRATS GUYS!!!!

Antoine Benoist in Action ! he will finish 6th!

Yann Gras on his way for 3rd place

The chronicle of a breathtaking end of season

Yann, holding the medal! next to Geoffroy Lequatre Mr G4 et Rodolphe Beyer Mr Canyon France!

Despite the snow falling, the temperature rises, we look forward to the race of Steve, the reigning French Champion, who is keen to shine for his last race of the season.  One hour left for the start and Steve warms up with joy and emotion because Yann has just achieved a real result that materializes all the efforts made during the past three years.

Steve’s Warm up

Let’s go ! We are about 20 minutes from the start, Steve is positioned on the line, it’s the last race, he gives everything! A magic start of Steve places him in 5th position in the first lap!

Steve in a muddy mode!

He will fight throughout the race with passion and rage to finally finish in 10th position, WAAAAW that emotion! A top 10 at the world championship that completes a fantastic season and predicts a bright future at Cross Team Chazal Canyon.

Cyclists, Staff, friends, family and sponsors are thrilled. We can not wait for next year #vivelecross