We are well settled in this summer season. High temperatures have been part of our daily lives for a few weeks! The G4 customization gives you the opportunity to face high temperatures in the best way with the Pro Light jersey.

Discover through this article the Pro Light customized cycling jersey, from the G4 customized ranges. It completes our custom range already composed of the Team and Pro Aero jersey. After our article dedicated to our Instinct outfit from traditional G4 ranges. It is time for us to look at our offer dedicated to clubs, teams, groups of friends …

Cyclists favor the morning outings during the summer, but for the bravest of you, we have designed the perfect jersey to fight against high temperatures!






To resist the heat, the first essential component is the lightness of the jersey! It is essential that the jersey be a kind second skin. That will allow the body to produce less perspiration. Indeed, this is the reason why many sports items dedicated to running and other areas are “close to the body”.

This is a jersey with an exceptional quality and cut, composed of noble fabrics this shirt gives you an outstanding comfort and a unique experience.



Developed by our teams especially for high temperatures, the Pro Light jersey is developed in LIGHT Full-Dry® fabric which makes it the lightest cycling jersey on the market! In addition to the second skin effect, the aerodynamic and ventilated fabric allows to evacuate perspiration in an optimal way. This tissue then makes it possible to erase all the genes linked to the stagnant perspiration in the jersey. Of course, like all G4 jerseys, the Pro Light is UV50 treated.

The know-how put at the service of the design of this jersey makes it the essential jersey for cycling at high temperatures.






Of course, a cycling jersey of G4 ranges is always linked to a unique stylistic touch! The spaced mesh of this jersey gives it a unique look and different from the jerseys present on the market.

Indeed, on this jersey the technicality of the used fabrics are at the service of your style on the saddle! The technicality offers an unparalleled performance!

In addition, the customization of your Pro Light jersey by Geoffroy Lequatre ex-professional cyclist offers you the opportunity to obtain a unique and original piece.

The creation of this personalized jersey is done directly with our teams for a faithful and authentic approach of your projects.







Our best example comes from the United Arab Emirates! Although it is unknown here in Europe, there is a large cycling community in this part of the world. Moreover, we currently equip several teams and groups of cyclists around Dubai.

One of these teams is equipped with our Pro Light custom jersey. Ideal according to their statements in front of the heat present permanently in this arid zone of the globe!

No doubt that if this Pro Light jersey is considered ideal in a country where the temperature is always close to 40 degrees it will be one of the key elements for your summer outings on our European continent!


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