Larisa our ambassador has been tested the Denim collection Kit from head to toe during his MTB training. She is explain the technology and comfort of our different items.

“Cycling during autumn is like being in a fairytale especially on a mountain-bike. In the forest, multiple colours of the leafs and trees makes it really special and enjoyable to ride there. Riding in the G4 cycling kit was the piece that completed the perfect puzzle.”


This new collection of top-of-the-range ladies’ jackets embodies the spirit of G4’s “la performance elegante” . The Denim 3 in 1 winter jacket has triple innovative layers and will meet all the requirements.

I appreciate it because nowadays not enough attention is given to women’s cycling wear and it’s rare to find elegant, stylish, feminine kit. The women’s Denim Collection addresses this issue and it’s just the right image for a sophisticated, modern cyclist. It has a smart, up-to-date look to a technical garment to give a top-performing jacket matching urban style.


G4’s radical approach to technical clothing is to conquer any climatic situation with style and comfort irrespective of whether you’re out training, walking or riding. From a technical point of view, even if it’s pouring or blowing a gale, this jacket’s waterproof and windproof base layer Nano-Tex membrane will provide absolute protection and let you to ride in comfort. Inside, its second layer is an internal vest which protects your torso from the coldest of winter conditions.

The third one is an integrated base layer in the back of the jacket to ensure breathability and heat regulation.. Inside and out, this elegant jacket fulfils all your needs. G4 thought of everything, particularly the safety, by increasing the visibility on the road with reflective panels on the elbows and pockets, as well as on the front and back of the jacket. The bright colours of this Denim jacket are your best defence.

The denim WOMAN KIT


These black cycling tights form the backbone of any female cyclists’ wardrobe. Their stretchy soft fabric guarantees optimal comfort during rides. Our G4 chamois is specially adapted for the female form. Choose performance and comfort with these winter bib-tights designed for women. With its “Double-Pad Pro” chamois, your long rides won’t feel long while the stretch in the tights’ fabric enables optimal pedaling.




Made from one piece of fabric (Super Roubaix TM technology) that wicks away perspiration, the G4 Thermo-Fit Head Band keeps your head warm and dry in cold weather, even during extreme effort.


Gloves :

G4 Unisex Early Winter gloves bring a fashion and security touch to colder weather, allows you stay in warm and have a style/fashion, low-volume, gloves are anatomically shaped, with a long wristband for better comfort. They offer a high level of grip through anti-slip silicon G4 logos for the Mid season condition of weather.

The mid season Gloves for lady

Shoe covers:

These anatomic shoe covers provides perfect protection for the feet in both wet and fresh conditions, even guards against water splashes. Made from a Mantotex membrane, which is both windproof and waterproof. Thanks to the elastic on the top, no water is entering in the shoes. They have waterproof membrane, a waterproof zip fastener, a wide wedge opening, reinforced heel, an anti-abrasion sole. Wearing the kit and the accessories not only gives me comfort and protection while riding in cold weather but it also makes me stand out from the crowd and look stylish.

The cover shoes is your sweet protection for the winter time!

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