Benjamin received and tested our Asphalt cycling collection from our new 2019 Spring-Summer collection! He talks about this collection in every detail, between style and comfort and highlights the pros of this unique collection.

Find the reactions of Benjamin:




I received the complete outfit of the Asphalt G4 collection. Just like the Archange collection, Geoffroy used his design skills for this new perfect collection! And I love it !

These shades of grey are also found on the shorts of this Asphalt collection. This is really the advantage of the outfit! I was tired of always riding with classic black bib shorts that everyone wears! In cycling, style matters and this new collection perfectly matches what I expect from an outfit. Exclusivity and audacity.

For the cycling jersey, three colours intermingle perfectly on the different parts of the jersey. At the chest level, a rather light grey with a marble effect gives a vivid image to this cycling jersey. For the pockets, G4 has opted for a grey matching the bib shorts that soften the jersey prevents the marble effect from being overloaded. Finally, the collar, the ends of the sleeves and elastics of the shorts are black for a flawless and sober finish!




When I tested the G4 winter cycling shorts three months ago, I was surprised for the comfort of its cycling pad! Once again I’m blown away, but that’s not the only thing. This summer bib shorts is one of the best I’ve ever tried. The fabrics used in the creation of this piece is simply amazing. The texture adapts perfectly to the morphologies and the compression of the thighs is perfect. Finally, the relatively wide elastic cut, in a soft fabric, brings one of the most surprising comfort!

Regarding the jersey, it has lightness that surprised me the most. When I wore it, it is like a second skin that we have on us and not a simple cycling jersey. Then, the two protections at the zip level bring a final comfort. The bellow protection prevents friction and itching. This detail protects the bib shorts! For the top, this protection is very effective since it protects from any irritation on the neck. As for the elastics, I was not surprised, as on all G4 jerseys, they perfectly maintain the jersey in place whether it is in the sleeves or the pelvis.




With this outfit, I opt for a G4 black light pair of socks high enough and for G4 black leather gloves! The dark colours combine perfectly with the two grey shades of the jersey! The harmony is perfect.

For those who do not necessarily like black, there’s nothing like G4 light white socks combine with G4 white leather gloves! The white obviously remains the value for accessories of a bike outfit when looking for style.


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