Do you really know the G4 cycling brand? Do you know its history? Its founder? Its creation?

We have the pleasure and honor today to present you in details our brand of bicycle for those who do not know it and to tell you its history, through testimonies of its creator Geoffroy Lequatre!




Do you know Geoffroy Lequatre and why the name G4?
Geoffroy is the founder of our high-end brand that bears his name: G the first letter of his first name and the number 4 in reference to his family name! It was also his nickname during his career as a professional cyclist. His experience and expertise as a former pro has taken G4 to a whole new dimension: elegant performance.



Why “stylish performance”?

What we mean by “elegant performance” is the precise and formidable quality of our cycling clothes combined with a unique and chic style on the bike.
Geoffroy and G4 have revisited cycling fashion and opened a new dimension to the cycling world:

“A dimension where cycling clothing is worn for the pleasure of simply being beautiful and performing, a dimension that anticipates the timeless by intuition and passion. A dimension that renounces fatality, that claims truth and quality and defies convention to be like no one else. To be a look and a style for the charm of modern cycling with the sole aim of elegant performance. – Geoffroy Lequatre





It all started in Saint Laurent du Var, on the French Riviera, where G4 set up shop in 2010!
The high-end cycling brand is inspired by the values and glamorous heritage of the Côte d’Azur.
A seaside showroom where we always take pleasure in welcoming you, meeting you, advising you and having coffee.


Our G4 Showroom in Saint Laurent du Var !


Our cycling outfits are designed here, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and its mythical roads that Geoffroy never fails to travel.




A lifelong passion … Geoffroy during his professional career joined the most beautiful cycling teams and achieved great results like his victory in the Tour of Britain in 2008!
A period of great travels, discoveries and encounters that allowed him to feed his great passion for design and fashion.


Cycling: 104th Paris - Tours 2010 Geoffroy LEQUATRE (Bel)/ La Loupe - Tours (233 Km)/ Parijs /(c) Tim De Waele


Geoffroy, where did the desire to create your G4 brand come from?

At the beginning it was really for fun. It was a designer hobby between 2 planes and 2 hotels, it allowed me to escape from the world of competition! I was also making clothes for my Fan Club, and it was them, my best friends, who pushed me to give life to my creations! So I created G4 in 2010 with a few collections while I was still in the pelotons, at the highest level! And finally, I launched the marketing of the products in 2013!
In the end this passion became a reconversion. Today I offer things that I like and that I would have liked to wear during my career, this is also what motivated me to take action by creating my brand.



That’s the idea behind G4: to develop a brand based on professional expertise that offers clothing that truly meets the needs of cyclists.
Geoffroy created the G4 PROHD100 chamois pad from scratch, which is the centerpiece of all our technical cycling bib-shorts and winter cycling bib-tights.
Two pad were custom made, one for men and one for women with obviously different needs.


Focus on the PROHD100 pad from G4! Unbeatable in terms of comfort on the market!


G4 has made a name for itself in the cycling textile industry thanks to the incomparable comfort of its cycling shorts, but also thanks to its formidable quality and its always so atypical, stylish and elegant designs on the bike.




At G4 we create high-end cycling apparel for men and women, with carefully selected fabrics and prestigious Italian quality.


Focus on the creation of G4 cycling socks in the factory!


We can mention for example our flagship models from G4: the men’s / women’s cycling bib-shorts Luxe timeless black, sublimated by their 4 silver rivets representative of G4. Comfort, lightness, stretch, aerodynamics and style for technical cycling clothes that are unique on the cycling market.


Cycling clothes for men and women Luxe!


G4 also offers cycling accessories such as light cycling gloves, stylish socks, summer/winter headbands, cycling caps, thermo-regulating cycling base-layers, BPA-free water bottles, arm, legs, thights, knee warmers… You’ll have understood that at G4 you have everything you need to ride your bike like a pro!


Focus on some G4 cycling accessories!


Over the years, G4 has also developed its sportswear cycling range with clothing for after cycling or for a sporty and chic everyday style. You can find colorful t-shirts, chic polo shirts and comfortable sportswear.


Our G4 sportswear range with its comfortable tracksuits!




Design at G4 is not only about bike collections, but also about customization! And yes!

If you have a team, a group of friends, a club or a project, Geoffroy will be happy to design with you custom bike outfits according to your choices and needs.



Since the creation of our G4 cycling brand, we have equipped major clubs and teams such as Cannondale, Les Cycles des Mille Étangs, Torque Cycling, Evian, Mini Paris, La Métropole Côte d’Azur, AK Cyling, YAS Cycling, Wagner Cycling, le Sprinter Club de Nice … and so many others, the list is very long!



Design is ingrained in Geoffroy, and thanks to our bike customization service he pushes his creative side even further!




G4 cycling apparel and accessories have been wonderfully represented by its ambassadors since the creation of the brand and we are proud and grateful for that!
To be a G4 ambassador is to live within the brand, not just as an aficionado but as a representative.

We are proud to have counted among our G4 ambassadors and to count today renowned people such as Denis Brogniart, Edouard Bergeon, Richard Virenque, Florian Rousseau, Maartin Tjallingii, Nelli Szanto, Amaël Moinard, et encore beaucoup d’autres


Geoffroy and our ambassador Amaël Moinard




Another thing to know at G4: our main occupation is our unique link with you! We like to meet you, to know your tastes, to ride with you and to make you happy!

That’s why it was unthinkable for us not to create a G4 cycling community club gathering only cycling enthusiasts from all over the world!
Our members come from France, Italy, Germany, England, the United States and the United Arab Emirates, but they all share a unique passion that binds us together.


Our blue Attitude Cycling Club outfit!

Our new pink Attitude Cycling Club outfit!


For those who come from the French Riviera, many rides are organized with Geoffroy Lequatre and our ambassadors. You will also be able to take part in international cycling trips organized from A to Z by G4 and a travel agency, such as trips to Corsica, Hungary, Grand Canaria, Nice and more surprises to come! That’s G4 Travels!

As a member, you will also benefit from discounts, exclusivities, personalized news, and a unique outfit with the club colors!

The main objective of our Attitude Cycling Club is to get together and share friendly and unforgettable moments together!



Now 8 years with you dear G4 customers, and this is only the beginning of a long adventure together! A real family has been created and we are more than proud of it.

We can never thank you enough for following us for so many years and for continuing to push us to surpass ourselves again and again each year for YOU and this unique passion that unites us: cycling.

The whole G4 team and its founder Geoffroy Lequatre, send you a big THANK YOU for your unfailing support!


The G4 team


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