G4 Community, a ride story

When, in 2012, the G4 adventure was launched, we were far from imagining the result 8 years later. The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 allow us to take stock of this adventure with the necessary hindsight.


It is also an opportunity to refocus on the values that we consider essential in the pursuit of this adventure. Find out how the G4 community will be the foundation of this new attitude and how we will do everything to make this community live around G4 for the year 2020.

A Strong community

As Geoffroy Lequatre wrote in his open letter, 2019 was a great year, a good “vintage” for G4. Many collaborations, new collections, several novelties, a series of outings and events. All of those things that forged G4’s attachment to you, the G4 community.

This past year has allowed us to get to know you better and to grow this community so that we can work on new projects that meet your current expectations as experienced and passionate cyclists.

It has also allowed us to evolve through your feelings, your desires and to advance our brand around you, our customers. For this support and your commitment which goes straight to our hearts, a big thank you.

A story of passion is shared. And it is with these values ​​that G4 has succeeded in being born to offer something new in the world of cycling.

Starting from the obvious observation of a lack of elegance in the outfits, G4 found its essence and this is where the beginnings of the G4 community come from.

There are more and more of you on the roads and on the networks with us, soon 10,000 on Facebook, more than 600 cyclists and friends met during more than 20 bike trips organized by our brand, 4,800 kilometers traveled by bike on our roads with members of our community and more than 2054 photos taken….

That’s why we decided to create …

ATTITUDE Cycling Club, coming soon

THE ATTITUDE Cycling Club by G4 is a community cycling club that brings together cyclists from around the world around a common passion: cycling. It offers exclusive access to collections, events, jerseys and products as well as a set of services reserved for members of the ATTITUDE Cycling Club.


The objective is to create around the ATTITUDE Cycling Club a community of cyclists who defend and share the same values and the same “Attitude” in the saddle.

Your attitude, your cycling club.

Between sea and mountains, the Cycling Club Attitude is intended for all lovers of cycling. Whether you ride for fun or performance, G4 will be happy to welcome you to Attitude.

The spirit and colors of the Côte d’Azur reign supreme for colorful and original cycling collections that you will have the opportunity to discover in preview throughout the year.

Stay connected, more information will arrive very soon…. And see you in a while to learn more about Attitude, the cycling club by G4!

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