The Christmas and holiday season is a time we love at G4! It’s the time of year when we prepare the best cycling gift ideas for Christmas!

Between festive moments, joy, gifts, surprises, colors, lights … And so many other words and moods to describe this warm period!
Christmas also means gifts to give, and G4 knows how difficult it can be to find THE perfect gift for your loved one.

That’s why, to help you in your search, we’ve taken the pleasure of concocting a beautiful G4 Christmas gift bag filled with thousands of gift ideas! Discover it today in detail in this new Christmas blog!





Have you been good this year? G4 thinks so! So we’re giving you a sneak peek at our big Christmas gift basket to reward you!
But what does it contain this year?

Every year at G4 we want to make you happy during the year but especially during the Christmas season! That’s why we prepare beautiful categories with various gift ideas for him, for her, for small pleasures, packs, or even the gift card!





Looking for the perfect gift for him? A cycling enthusiast will appreciate the quality of our G4 Dimension cycling apparel and will be happy without a doubt!

In our G4 Christmas gift bag for men, we first offer our best cycling jacket! The best cycling jacket in the world: E.Motion Green!
It has a double optical fiber in the back that offers visibility up to 3km on the road! An ideal cycling jacket to ride safely but also with performance and elegance as it has a waterproof and windproof membrane on the outside and a comfortable fleece membrane on the inside.

Olive green and orange for the perfect combination of style and chic on the bike!
If you’re looking for the same jacket for ladies, don’t worry, it also exists with the same technical characteristics, the difference is its orange which is declined in purple.


The safest cycling jacket in the world: E.Motion green! Orange for the man!


You have everything you need in a winter cycling jacket? Then maybe you should go for a good winter thermal bib-tights such as the Storm!



A long winter cycling bib-short made of waterproof Nanoflex fabric for protection from rain and moisture. You will also find a reflective part on the bottom of the warm cycling bib-tights to be always visible on the road.

Or, a lighter yet highly technical tights, the all-new Checkmate black cycling bib-tights created with a new checkered technicality for elasticity and comfort on the bike that you’ve never seen before!

All of our cycling bib-shorts and bib-tights have been designed with our flagship G4 chamois: the PROHD100 chamois pad which offers the cyclist unparalleled comfort.

You will also find all our products of the new winter collection 2021-2022 as well as the one of this summer with the colorful cycling jersey Sauvage, the green technical bib-shorts …




You want to please your wife and offer her a good, classy and technical cycling clothing for women? G4 guides you!

Give her the brand new long sleeve cycling jersey for this Winter Energy! Flamboyant colors and Velours Sport fabric bring modernity and protection from cold, wind and discomfort on the bike to the top of the range cycling jersey.
There are no two cycling jerseys like it, see for yourself! A unique and inimitable style with great technical features!



If you prefer more discreet colors, you can also choose the new Vogue winter cycling jersey with the same technicality and composition, but in more classic colors. You will find different shades of gray and black and always this comfortable, soft and ultra elegant fabric that is the velvet sport fabric from G4.

Are you looking for comfortable cycling tights so that your wife can ride in the cold and rain with complete protection?
Choose from G4’s new olive green winter cycling tights with a special women’s V shape foundation cut for perfect support and body fit. For classic women’s cycling tights, opt for our safe bet, the black winter cycling tights with their comfortable and practical elastic at the ankles and reflective details.


Also opt for the best cycling jacket on the market: E.Motion Green with its double light at the back! Purple for the woman!


You will also find all the new winter 2021-2022 and summer 2021 collections with the best E.Motion Green cycling jacket for women, or the chic Retro cycling jersey and the burgundy summer cycling shorts.




Are you looking to give a little Christmas treat instead? A little gift that makes a difference?

Then choose our black / reflective winter cycling gloves designed with a leather palm for supreme comfort and maximum cold protection. Also discover for a lighter winter our blue, black or reflective mid-season cycling gloves.


For small pleasures: opt for winter cycling gloves or a good pair of thermal shoe covers!


Or give her a stylish and sophisticated pair of socks for a great look on the bike! Find all the Merino socks that will provide ultimate coverage, exquisite softness and a chic look. Merino cycling socks will keep the cyclist’s feet warm in all circumstances!
G4 has also developed lighter and more original socks in terms of design such as the Sauvage (orange and pink), the Retro (cedar green or sky blue) or the Croisiere (purple and orange)! A pair of socks for every style and need at G4!



We also offer you in our special Christmas gift bag, cycling water bottles, summer/winter cycling headbands, thermo-regulating base layers, sleeves, warmers, hats and many other gift ideas to discover!




Maybe you want to make a statement and give him or her a complete cycling outfit?

G4 has even put together some custom cycling packs to give you complete cycling gear for all your desires!
Plus, a cycling pack allows you to get great deals! And yes, get discounts between 10 and 20% on your g4 cycling clothes within the pack!

For him and for her, find the cycling packs of this winter’s new collections E.Motion Green (bright cycling safety jacket + green technical cycling tights), Vogue / Energy (velvet cycling jersey + black Checkmate cycling shorts).


Complete cycling outfits for men and women E.Motion green with their green cycling tights for winter!

Men’s and women’s Energy cycling suits with the long sleeve jersey and the black winter tights!


Because G4 likes surprises, in each pack you will find a little surprise: a pair of socks or a headband for free!
And also find cycling packs for the summer as well as accessory packs!




Are you running late and looking for a last minute gift? Don’t know the person very well and afraid of making the wrong choice / getting the wrong size?
G4 has what it takes to save you!

Give them an electronic gift card! The best way to please every time, you can’t go wrong!



You just have to choose the amount (from 50€ of purchase) and it’s done!




For your information, at G4 it’s a fast delivery in 24/48 hours! Place your order before December 21st and be sure to receive your gift on time!

Don’t worry, if the gift you choose doesn’t fit or is not the right size, we will exchange or refund it within 15 days of receiving the product.



We hope to have helped you a little on the choice of your Christmas gifts! If you have any questions about a model, a size, a service or still lack ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us via the online chat, we will be happy to answer you immediately!

Don’t forget to treat yourself too, Christmas is only once a year!



The entire G4 team wishes you a happy holiday season!

The G4 team