How we create cycling collections at G4

geoffroy lequatre Mediterranean jersey

Geoffroy LeQuatre: creator and designer of G4

At G4, quality takes precedence over everything.

From the choice of colors, textiles to the confection; all the details are sifted in order to make ” THE PERFECT ITEM “ which will be distinguished from the others.

Every day we bring elaborate research and special attention to our products and make every effort to make it last.

The Elegance / Performance report is always valid and serves as a motto and concrete case that materializes each season with an exceptional purpose in our creations and an approval from our clientele who is more and more addicted to cycling ” chic “and” fashion “.

geoffroy lequatre cycliste

In this article, you will be immersed in the “G4 World” through the testimony of its creator and his story about the history of the brand:


G4’s Custom lab

Our designs and models are designed and developed in France on the French Riviera and are produced entirely in Italy, using advanced technologies and high quality fabrics to ensure exceptional performance and elegance on the roads. Geoffroy Lequatre, professional cyclist and designer of the French brand, pays careful attention to every detail, choice of fabric, fashion accessory, zip, elastic, treatment and comfort to offer you an unequaled quality. Opt for elegant performance, a concept designed and created by a professional designer cyclist.


An irreproachable quality of fabrics

We use high-tech fabrics and membranes manufactured in the most prestigious production facilities in Italy, Switzerland, Japan, France and Austria from a rigorous selection of high-end materials. We master new manufacturing techniques on the market and all our products are manufactured in Italian houses with specific know-how.





Elegant or colorful | Contemporary or classic. The new codes of modern design and the latest technologies constantly inspire our teams to create and offer aesthetic and performing collections to the image of the French Riviera. Through our creations, we pass on the heritage and values of our lands. We pay special attention to your appearance by offering accessories that match all our collections.


The manufacturing starts here!

G4 is the premium brand imagined and designed by Geoffroy Lequatre; to want the unthinkable, to dare to create and invent a dimension where all the glittering details have their importance! A dimension where the bike wears for the pleasure of being simply beautiful and powerful, a dimension that anticipates timelessness by intuition and passion. A dimension that renounces fate, that claims the true and the quality and braves the conventions to look like no other. Be a look and style for the charm of modern cycling with the sole purpose of elegant performance.

Literally born on the roads of the Côte d’Azur, the G4 brand is inspired by the values ​​and the glamorous heritage of the French Riviera. The sumptuous sea, the magnificent mountains, the mythical roads and the multicultural diversity have defined its character traits to pay tribute to the indomitable cyclists from all over the world, in search of the new art of living fashioned by the G4 house.

To support our statements we interviewed Geoffroy LeQuatre, creator and designer of the brand on the identity of G4, the way of doing, his collections ……:

Where do you get the inspiration when creating clothes?

Inspiration is a way of being, it varies according to my openness, my meetings, my feelings, my desires and especially this inspiration is natural.
I do not seek it, I receive it, and I am often in tune with avant-garde trends!
I am a visionary in my creation, I create my difference and I assume …..

The steps of creating a collection

The steps are already done according to the date of release of the collection! The creations are done according to my tendencies and my imagination.

I always have a story to tell in my collections, I create models according to a necessity but also the consistency and power to tell.

“The why do I create?” is at the center of my projects. Then collection names come to me depending on the different models.
Once, I spend time on salons to find new textiles to complete the project of association of trendy colors and research materials.
Then I move to pure creation, design, graphic design, creations of models and association of color palettes.
I launch my sample production, validation and then production to offer our customers the most amazing cycling kits between performance and elegance!

How do you choose the name of the collections?

As mentioned before, in imagining the collection I associate the name:
Something of identity and that evokes a story or reflects the trend or the characteristic of the collection.
Cycling at the G4 for 2018 is:
“The instinct of a timeless art of the Mediterranean”
So we created collections to define this sentence by associating a logo.

Is each collection intended for a specific audience?

Of course not! the collections are created for those of you who identify with G4 and the Chic and Elegant world of cycling!
Then a specific audience will go to this or that collection.
A rather trendy person will be more with colorful outfits, more sober bikers will find more classic collections.

The ladies will also be served in terms of collection because we have as many choices for HER as for  HIM at G4.

Finally, we create haute couture clothing for the practice of men’s and women’s cycling and create trends and elegance for all tastes.
You just have to discover the product made for you!

G4 is the elegant performance! It’s time to change and opt for a new trend wave of high-end clothing!