In this historical period, we want to help you train yourself at home with 4 home training tips.

Physical preparation, perfect for sport at home

Good physical preparation is more than important for cycling training, today, and because of the current situation, take advantage of these few times at home to train your condition.

And for this physical preparation, exercises are available to you and the whole body can be worked. Do not hesitate to get advice from training professionals like Michel Garçonnet!

Stretching sessions

Whether it is for recovery, for comfort or just for your feel yourself in shape, stretching is really very important. There is several exercises with in particular several work intensities. stretching help the muscles to take out their toxins and makes your whole body more efficient in its movements.

Be careful, stretching should not be done directly after training of sports. When you train yourself, you break muscle fibers. If you stretch your muscles as a result of this, the effect will be the opposite of your expectations and you risk tearing.

Reminder of the muscles to stretch when cycling:

  • The psoas and the glutes
  • The quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves

Home trainer, essential for cyclist

Obviously, cyclist used to need road, but with the actual sitation, home trainer will  be our best friend!  Whatever your cycling habits, there are many exercises to keep in shape and to  keep working and training.  Once again, we will be there to support you and offer you Instagram and Facebook story sessions. So stay tuned on our networks.

working hours are shorter than when you go out on the road but the pains due to the saddle are multiplied. Indeed, you spend less time on the saddle but almost the whole session is done seated!

So you need a good  bib shorts! It’s perfect, our black cycling bib shorts can be used for indoor cycling lessons also!

Challenge Geoffroy Geoffroy on Zwift!

Do you have a Zwift subscription?  G4 team is working on a ride session on the platform with Geoffroy! What do you think of being able to challenge a former professional cyclist on Zwift? Stay tuned, you will be able to ride with us!  Follow G4

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