peau de chamois

A good pad, essential for comfort and performance

The chamois’ importance

There’s nothing more important than a great chamois for a comfortable ride whether training or competing. Cycling shorts are worn without underwear providing manufacturers with a technical challenge as the chamois is in direct contact with both the saddle and the rider’s undercarriage.

G4’s chamois is best in class – unique, luxurious and upscale. A significant amount of research and development is reflected in this key element of the shorts.

A quality chamois for maximum comfort

A poor quality chamois will make your bike rides painful. Could there be anything more irritating than a chamois that’s too thin or with seams that chafe? G4 has created a feather light reinforced chamois allowing you to ride for hours in comfort and with confidence. The seamless, G4 chamois guarantees optimal well-being.

Customised chamois


Men and women are not made the same! This seems obvious and yet many cycling shorts have unisex chamois.

G4 has developed gender-specific chamois, expertly tailored for the two very different morphologies. Foam padding is placed specifically where each needs it the most.

A great chamois enhances your performance

Here’s how a great chamois can significantly improve your cycling performance both in training and competition:

  1. The G4 chamois allows you sit perfectly aligned to the saddle, thus optimising your pedal stroke.
  2. The G4 chamois is shock-absorbing, reducing lumbar and cervical impacts and preventing joint pain.
  3. The G4 chamois is suitable for all types of riding position, whether you sit forward or backwards on the saddle.

Geoffroy Lequatre, former professional cyclist and co-founder of G4, gives us his opinion:

“When I was a professional cyclist, every team change involved a change of equipment. The all-important chamois differed greatly in quality from one team to another and could become a real problem in terms of comfort and efficiency. So when I set up G4, I made the quality and technical features of our chamois a priority for the brand.

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