Jambières G4

Getting ready for the autumn in UK ! (By Robert)

There are three things about a UK autumn that are as predictable as a VW Golfs reliability, and no, it’s not that UK riders will be holding all three Grand Tour titles! That my friend is a fluke , albeit a very nice one from our perspective! Here goes the real issues to be concerned with as a cyclist: it will get colder, the wind will blow stronger, and you will at some point during your ride get wet. Your options are therefore quite simple: you can retreat indoors and become attached like a cyborg to a computer cycling contraption, or you can accept that it’s all part of the cycling culture. After all, do you think Eddie Merckx retreated from the Flanders winds – no!


 Thankfully G4 have it covered, and they’ve got you covered too – literally speaking. Time then for my three essentials for Autumn rides in the UK, and indeed anywhere in Northern Europe or beyond with a similar climate. And the first thing to remember, is not to wrap yourself in swathes of clothes at this early stage in what will be a long absence of searingly hot sunshine. Hopefully you’ll still be cycling at a reasonable pace and not slowed by snowstorms, and so don’t overdo things! There’s nothing worse than an overheated cyclist. Remember, this is after all, a physical activity and sport. So her goes – three UK Autumn essentials. Read more !