Geoffroy’s cycling nutrition tips: 6 Habits to use it

Today, more than ever, we have to take care ourselves. Let us to make sure that containment may be good. It will undoubtedly allow putting a little order in our life. The important thing will be to keep our hygiene and keep or make new resolutions!

This strange period helps us to realize that going out, taking air playing or doing sports were simple things that made us feel good. That’s why a lot of people continuing today also doing sport and keeping fit, or get into good new habits, etc. It is also based on this observation that in our previous articles, we advised you on the different possible activities at home. We have also designed a 12-session Home trainer training program. All these little tips have been brought together under a “program” created by our G4 cycling INDOOR Team.

Playing or doing sports is good and important for the body and for the mental, but what else can we put in place during this confinement to feel good and keep our mood. Many hope to come out “stronger”! This is why G4 is considering sport diet and healthy food important. Geoffroy will give you the secrets that made him this top professional cyclist and still keeping his habits and a healthy lifestyle.

Follow G4’s nutrition guide for cyclist: What to eat and how to do it?


Geoffroy’s 1st cycling nutrition advice: eat light

The first thing to think about: Reduce the quantities.

  • In the morning, prefer a light breakfast: oat cereal / dried fruit/oat or rice milk/tea and a glass of squeezed juice.
  • At lunchtime, a protein lunch will be welcome: raw vegetables and proteins (meat or fish) but don’t overdo red meat!
  • In the evening it’s a light dinner. Sleeping well and recovering from sport and from the daily stress involves the body’s ease of digesting: boiled and raw vegetables meals are also goo in the evening.
  • We still give you a little touch of sweetness with a square of dark chocolate … But beware, not the whole tablet, do we agree ?!


Geoffroy’s second cycling nutrition advice: reduce the amount of starchy foods

Obviously, pasta or rice is easy to cook and tends to fill the stomach quickly. Avoid overeating these starchy foods! Or rather, eat it, but not every day.


Geoffroy’s third cycling nutrition advice: no alcohol!

Be careful, even if it is always a good idea to take an aperitif, it should not become a habit during this confinement. Indeed, alcohol, crisps and peanuts do not mix well with good eating habits. You can treat yourself to time of course, but sparingly! Remember, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health.


Geoffroy’s fourth cycling nutrition advice:  The appetite suppressing tips

Inevitably, when we are at home, time passes more slowly and the desire to snack is felt! Well, this is not to be banned … Only prefer fruit and dried fruit! A little hunger in front of his computer in telework or between his 4th and 5th film of the day, do not panic we do not throw ourselves on chips or cakes…


Geoffroy’s fifth cycling nutrition advice: hydration is your engine

Throughout the day, it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking regularly every hour helps you during your indoor sports sessions (Physical preparation, Home trainer, etc.).

Likewise by drinking you cleanse part of your body and operate the kidneys. This helps to drain toxins a little and strengthen the body. Good body osmosis is the key of good health.


Geoffroy’s sixth cycling nutrition advice: the evening herbal tea

Finally in the evening at the end of the meal and to put the body to rest, end up on hot! Yes, the good herbal tea in the evening with good local honey will also help you support the body and warm it up!


Eat smart!


Geoffroy also suggests that you eat around your home, from small producers! “They need you right now to survive. Consume in a short chain, between neighbors, between families! You all know people around you who produce fruit or vegetables, small producers in your regions! So start there! Consume smart! You will be doing a service to these earthly people who need you! You can even go through fruit and vegetable basket delivery services! Have it delivered to avoid risky outings during your errands in a crowded supermarket. ”

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