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G4, an identity based on authenticity, elegance of the French Riviera… The association of an unequaled level of technicality with original designs in the world of cycling for the creation of a brand, a slogan: The elegant performance.
Born on the roads of the French Riviera, G4 is inspired by its environment, values ​​and the glamorous heritage of French Riviera. The beautiful coastline, sumptuous mountains, roads and multicultural diversity have defined its unique identity.
Heroïn Bikes too was born in the heart of the French Riviera. The luxurious brand shares the same ideals and values ​​as G4. Heroin products are a mixture of sobriety and technicality, defined lines, a unique curve, a breathtaking design … Geoffroy Lequatre likes to say that rolling on one of the models of the brand is similar to rolling on velvet. This is how he would define Heroin Bikes, elegant curves for unparalleled comfort.
the association G4 x Heroin Bikes was born thanks to these common values. Two luxury brands from the world of cycling that join together for an elegant and performant collaboration.


Crédit Photo : Maxime Delaporte

The top of the range, that’s what characterizes G4 and Heroin, the outfit designed by Geoffroy Lequatre for Heroin Bikes is the result of this common vision of modern cycling. An outfit in the era of time with a unique level of technicality, every detail is important.


First, the copper appearance at the torso, collar, logo and sleeves is characteristic of Heroin models. This color is found on many of their bikes at the fork, the saddle bottom, the logo of the brand… That’s a characteristic of G4 personnalization, an outfit corresponding to your expectations where the approach and vision are made during an exchange to obtain creations that conform to your values ​​and your vision of cycling.

Crédit Photo : Heroïn Bikes

The dots present at the level of the belly and the band of the bib shorts are not there by chance. They refer to a part of Heroin’s frame generally marked with dots and offering a design that is both modern and sober.
All items in this outfit refer to brand-specific features. All for an authenticity and a perfectly respected image of the luxurious cycling brand.


Of course, a sleek and luxurious design goes with an outfit with the best technical features possible.

The complete outfit comes from our personalized Pro Aero range, the most technical of the G4 custom ranges. It is ideal for cyclists looking for technicality and performance,

The bands on the shoulders and bib shorts provide optimal air penetration and unparalleled aerodynamics. All combined with optimal ventilation of perspiration due to less tightened fibers in the armpits. These features guarantee you maximum comfort even during your longest rides.

Crédit Photo : Maxime Delaporte

Surely, the bib shorts of this luxurious outfit is equipped with our Pro 100 HD pad. This pad guarantees you optimal comfort on the saddle even after several hours of driving.
In other words, the personalized G4 x Heroin Bikes is certainly one of the most technical. It perfectly reflects the ideals and strengths of both brands always looking for performance and elegance.

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