Beautiful to bike with G4! Our bike clothes for women !



The bicycle is a tool for the emancipation of women, in fact it has always helped women to make a place for themselves in a “masculine” universe.

It has allowed women to free themselves from the judgment of society and mainly from their clothing constraints.
A little bit of history: it is thanks to the suffragettes at the beginning of the 20th century that women had the power to wear pants on their bicycles.

Today, the bicycle remains a tool of liberation for women, it allows them to move away from sexist clichés. We are facing a changing market where women are taking a more and more important place in the world of cycling.
More and more cycling events and competitions are taking place in favor of women. From now on, women’s races are recognized as much as men’s races, with the same fairness in terms of prizes won.

The whole bicycle market and industry and brands are looking at the development of women’s cycling and also women’s cycling apparel. G4 is part of a fashionable trend in the world of high-end cycling! We create high-end cycling clothing for women.


Petra Harangi, co-founder of the G4 brand and former professional athlete, with her Luxe  black women’s cycling outfit




Our high-end G4 brand of cycling apparel is very committed to women’s cycling: for us, women are just as important as men. We actively participate in the emancipation of women on bikes and have created a campaign “Elle & G4” dedicated to the importance of women in the world of cycling with numerous episodes where you can meet our female ambassadors and read about their cycling adventures.


Our G4 ambassador Morgane with her PURE women’s bike jersey




We took part in the creation of clothing adapted to women: trendy collections with feminine cuts and designs, with a unique G4 style.
We bring a touch of femininity to our brand so that women can pedal comfortably with quality clothing of unprecedented technicality. Added to the technicality, we offer them a beautiful look on their bikes.



Our mid-season women’s cycling jersey E-motion long sleeves with an anatomical cut adapted for women and its incomparable style.


Our pink non-slip mid-season cycling gloves for feminine elegance right down to your fingertips


Pink cycling headband to cover your head ladies


Women prefer to ride in women’s clothing designed especially for them rather than men’s cuts. That’s why our G4 Women’s cycling bib-shorts are designed to meet and enhance ladies’ expectations. Our women’s bib-shorts are adapted to the morphology of women who do not have the same needs as men, thanks to our PROHD100 chamois leather pad, the centerpiece of our technical bib-shorts.


Sunwave women’s complete cycling outfit for women in the trendy colors of this summer 2020


The bicycle becomes the fashionable accessory, the sign of elegance. That’s why we make a point of honor of style and trends.

In the past, women didn’t have a lot of choice for their bike clothing, today at G4 we offer them a wide range of outfits from chic, modern and fashionable!
G4 offers you, ladies, elegance in all circumstances, so make your choices!

Freedom, equality, pedal!


Cycling jersey NICE 1920 Collector for women with the effigy of the city of Nice


Team G4