Through this article “ELLE & G4”, we want to share with you our experience of the elegant performance and taking the sublimating place in thewomen cycling world.

Today Bikes have become fashion accessories, the sign of elegance and showing/expressing that women and men are equal.

Cycling and women mean fashion and trend / Women in the cycling world mean fashion and trend

Statistics show that women’s cycling has continued grow in recent years . Today, if the bike can still conquer users, thanks to the women involvement.

For some women without ability for transport, cycling is much more than a fashionable object, it represents a tool for social and professional integration. In addition, as one can  see on the blog of “they ride the bike” the bike is liberator…in terms of mobility and also ecology. 
They opt for the bicycle, and even more for electric or road bicycles, they can ride on secured cycling pads. This perception is a driving force for development towards a sustainable future because women favor the development of cycling and prefer safe pads as all cyclists. 

Cycling and women:  Liberating in terms of mobility but also of ecology.

In the world of pro women’s cycling are being leveled and the organizers are creating more and more women’s races on the same courses as the men. They use the men’s circuit to benefit the ladies from the infrastructures of the race and thus promote  more and more  women’s  price moneys are even balancing at the most races, the BOOM women’s cycling is just beginning!

There are More and more fans on women’s races

The history of women’s cycling is certainly shorter than that of men’s , but women are making up for lost time. They have chosen to live their passions to the full and the new wave of women’s cycling around the world reinforces the idea of ​​women’s expansion into cycling and the new trend!

Thirty or so girls earn  living by the force of the pedal and even try out all the disciplines of cycling. Mountain biking, the road cycling, the track cycling and even the Cyclo cross are disciplines where the  level higher and higher and the world champion’s face each other all year long on all the continents.

Pauline Ferrand Prevost a multi discipline female athlete © MaxPPP

On the physical side, we see now more and more successful women with elegant morphotypes. Finish the cliché of women in the male profile! These women contests and even have some performances very close to men’s performance, They are good at endurance activities with a more economical heart function than men.

Women are more and more successful and elegant on a bike.

G4 is a brand created and developed by Geoffroy Lequatre, his knowledge into professional and high-performance products has also been used in the development of the women’s range! We have thought about women, and we have always wanted to highlight  underline women collections, our designs and our different items allow them to enjoy a wide choice between  cutting-edge technology with added comfort and exclusive design. ! Our Goal is: Whatever the season and the circumstances, you will be beautiful and pedal in comfort.

The feminine spirit is at the center of our attention at G4. We are focusing a particular development to our collections in order to live the modern and  emancipated women .We bring a touch of femininity for women to ride, race, train in comfort and dressing elegant.

We are a premium brand, our mission is to create cycling clothes by combining the best materials  with an uneven finish for a trendy result in all circumstances. We also develop our brand with ambassadors as riders, moms, amateurs and professionals, they are happy today to collaborate with our brand!
To develop our product and they are also happy to work with influencers and bloggers to get the G4 message out end be more happy to work and promote a high end brand!

Our ambassadors Nelli Szanto and Morgane Moinard have their own life stories and convinced that cycling is a real means for personal development, self-improvement, and intense pleasure.

Coming soon, we are soon presenting new ambassadors Larisa and Franchelina in collaboration with pedalnorth.They can discover their lifestyle and why they are choosing to wear G4 as the best of women’s clothes! Our exceptional clothes G4!

Our sporty and elegant ambassadors!

Our objectives are to give you the opportunity to develop your female identity through a unique and high-performance clothing image with the desire to be able to equip cyclists of all types, teams, groups and offer them the same comfort and the same technicality as men with a feminine touch.

We hope you liked this article…

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