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G4 advises you for clothing and upkeep as well !

At G4, we give importance to the creation of clothing but also, we ensure that our customers have sustainable products.
That’s why we accompany you every day with our advice interviews to always have a wardrobe full of sparkling clothes and in good condition …
Here are some tips that will help you keep your items intact:

How to wash his sportswear?

Washing is the first step to properly maintain your G4 clothes. These few rules to follow will allow you to keep your outfits in good condition and without any cost.

  • Close the zippers. This will prevent clothes from bending in the drum of the washing machine.
  • Put your clothes upside down to prevent discoloration of the fabric due to friction.
    Wash your G4 clothes cold at the sink or machine.
  • In the machine, choose a low temperature wash <30 ° C and a spin <1000 rpm.
  • Ideally use a laundry bag that does not twist clothes and especially to wash items with golden details.
  • For accessories (eg gloves with real leather): do not machine wash, just rinse with clear water “it would be a shame to damage such a valuable and high-end material.

“Imagine you put your leather jacket on the machine?! …….. now THINK TO THE RESULT ?

  • Never use softeners that damage technical fibers and alter the anti-perspirant properties of clothing.
  • For those most exposed to dirt such as collars or sleeves, it is recommended to wash these parts by hand by gently rubbing.
  • Use a soft detergent, preferably special for sportswear (without optical brighteners, too aggressive ex Mir Sport)
  • Quickly extend clothes after the end of the machine and do not leave wet clothes for several hours in your machine.
  • Wash your sportswear separately from your clothes.
  • For your rain clothes (K-ways, Gore tex), avoid putting them in the machine. This may damage the membrane and may not make your clothes waterproof. The best is to rinse them with clear water in your shower.

Take care of your shinny clothing!

Drying Cycling clothes

Wash the socks at 30 degrees maximum!

  • Never use the tumble dryer which damages the compressing, antiperspirant and thermal fabric of G4 clothes
  • Never stretch your G4 outfits in full sun. Even though all G4 garments have high UV resistance, it is best to avoid long exposures in a stagnant position.
  • Make sure to use clothespins that do not break the fiber of the fabric.
  • Never iron your G4 clothes. The temperature of the iron, much too strong, will damage the technical fibers of the fabric.

The storage of cycling clothes

Hang your clothes with elegance !


  • Avoid storing G4 clothes in a damp place
  • Opt for a dry and ventilated cabinet to keep the fibers of the fabric in the best conditions

How to eliminate stubborn perspiration odors?

  • Wash your clothes quickly after your session (do not leave your jersey for several days in your laundry basket or gym bag)
  • If the smell are really stubborn, you can soak your G4 outfits in baking soda before washing.
    And the cycling compression garments?

We give importance to colors! Take care of them by washing cold and dry them outside in the shadow

The compression garments are designed with technical fibers to drain and promote venous return. The maintenance of your compression garments is a prerequisite for their longevity. Ideally, prefer a hand wash that will be much less aggressive for the fabric.
Fill a basin of warm water in which you put your sleeves or leggings.
Then add a small amount of special sports detergent.
If your compression garments are too dirty, soak them for a few minutes before rubbing them lightly. Then rinse with clear water. Finally, wring out very gently and spread your clothes without a clothespin in a dry place away from the sun.

G4 will continue to advise you and accompany you ….

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