Maarten Tjallingii, a former professional cyclist and cycling enthusiast, has joined the G4 family as an ambassador this year.
He has been riding for many years alongside Geoffroy Lequatre, founder of G4, and they have always helped each other on the road.
Since the creation of G4 he has followed each new collection, each trip and all the latest news until he became our ambassador today! “As soon as I saw the first clothes from Geoffroy’s hand, I recognized the work of a pro who designs clothes for cycling! “.





Maarten is a former professional cyclist who started his career as a mountain bike rider (top 3 in the Netherlands) and when he just missed the OS in 2004 he switched to road cycling.
Then he turned pro with Skill Shimano in 2006, and won several podiums. He won that year the Tour of Belgium, the Tour of Lake Qinghai, and came second in the Tour of Belgium the following year and fourth in the Tour of Denmark.
His best result that still inspires him today is his 3rd place in Paris Roubaix in 2011!





We interviewed Maarten a few days ago in order to introduce him to you and let you discover his story and his journey:


You are a former professional cyclist but still on the bike and you keep challenging yourself! How do you find the motivation to ride?


For me, cycling is the time when I recharge my batteries, get rid of all the tension from the work day and get together with my friends or just be alone in the middle of nowhere.
Motivation is the most important thing in this sport, it is what pushes me to always surpass myself and my limits on the bike.
What I like are the rides, today my rides are 3 or 3 hours maximum to be in shape for the 100km rides on the mountain bike for the Cape Epic next October.



Maarten, the Cape Epic is postponed to October, but you decided to create a special epic in the Netherlands: #Nepic8!
Tell us what was behind this great concept with your teammate?


To stay fit and always motivated, my teammate and I decided this year to challenge ourselves and we came up with the National Epic: the #Nepic8. A good reason to start training for the main event! And on top of that, we wanted to show our partners, Trek, IBS capital allies and G4.


What is the purpose of these actions with your sponsors and partners?


The goal of this #Nepic8 is to ride on 8 mountain bike routes in the Netherlands while having fun pedaling, taking pictures along the route and sharing them on social networks. This way everyone can participate regardless of location and can show what they think a day on the bike is like.


Cape epic is the main goal of the year ? Could you describe for people why this mountain bike race is so special? What is the feeling?


The Absa Cape Epic, the toughest mountain bike stage race in the world, is our goal for the year, it is the “Tour de France” for MTB riders. The only difference is that the Absa Cape Epic is open to anyone who is on time to register. This race is the hardest in Africa, and I would say one of the “wonders of the world” of mountain bike racing.
A real experience that lasts a lifetime, once you live it once you would even become addicted to it!


Tell us also why South Africa gives you positive vibes?


Because a picture says more than a thousand words:



Voici mes 3 raisons :

•  The biking is one of a kind, well prepared tracks with crazy single trails and technical descents.
•  The scenery is stunning as you can see.
•  Africa is where I grew up as a kid (1980-1989 Mozambique)




To be a G4 ambassador is to be at the heart of our great family and to share unique moments with us. We are delighted and grateful today to be represented by renowned ambassadors who have the same passion as us: cycling.

And we are proud to announce his participation in our cycling trip to the 3 Monuments, a 3-day trip for those who want to: bike enthusiasts and amateurs, on the legendary roads of the great cycling classics.
Maarten will be part of the adventure, and will be happy to cycle with you and tell you his best experiences and anecdotes at the 3 Monuments.

To know more about the 3 Monuments trip organized by G4 and the travel agency Le Raidard, it’s right here!

Thank you Maarten for joining the G4 family this year and we hope to work with you for many years to come!


Maarten and his favorite G4 cycling outfit: the Archange Silver cycling outfit!


The G4 Team


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