The end of summer is here and the coolness of autumn is approaching! For the occasion, G4 brings out its new ultra-light Sirocco cycling windbreaker for mid-season and cool mornings and downhill passes.




The windbreaker is the most neglected cycling garment by cyclists when, on the contrary, it is of great importance.

The wind is both the ally and the enemy of the cyclist when cycling. Indeed, this invisible force will blow in his back and thus push him with momentum. However, if it blows from the front, it can cause accelerated fatigue and thus lead to a lack of performance. That’s why the windbreaker will act as a shield and will block the wind and its freshness.



Our Sirocco windbreaker has been specially designed to offer you, ladies and gentlemen, supreme lightness with these 65g in size L. It folds and stores easily in the back pocket of the jersey to save space and time during your bike rides.

G4 has created the Sirocco windbreaker from an alloy of technical fabrics and a modern style that cannot be ignored. It’s not only its technicality that you will love! And yes, this new jacket with carbon and metal effects, perfectly fits your silhouette thanks to its anatomical sleeves, to offer you a unique and refined elegance.



The front of the Sirocco windbreaker is made of a brand new technical fabric: Cristal, weighing only 65 grams! This fabric is so light that you will barely feel the windproofness when you wear it. The Cristal has windproof properties with a low repellent but not waterproof treatment so water can penetrate the windbreaker at the back.

On the back, Strech Mesh fabric provides ventilation so you won’t feel warm and air circulates properly during your efforts. The mesh on the back allows you to adapt to every type of back. In addition, a protection on the full zip is added to the windbreaker to prevent unpleasant neck irritations.

In terms of safety, a very important detail to take into account: the windbreaker has a reflective elastic at the hips so you can be seen in the middle of the night and be recognized in case of a problem.

The Sirocco windbreaker will be your best ally during morning trainings or mountain outings, it will protect your body from cold winds while allowing you a maximum of efficiency.



The Sirocco windbreaker is available in both short and long sleeves for men and women. For you ladies, it is advisable to choose one size smaller than your own.

Don’t hesitate to complete your outfit with a jersey under your windbreaker accompanied by shorts from our flagship collections Nice 1920 Collector for the Tour de France 2020 or Sunwave and Prestige.

The G4 team