How to be dressed in winter and dry weather?

The winter weather is there with its sub-zero temperatures and freezing cold!

This period is not the most pleasant to practice cycling. However, if you are well equipped, bike outings can be a real pleasure even in winter.

Thanks to the advice of Geoffroy Lequatre, founder and designer of G4 but also a former professional cyclist, equip yourself to ride comfortably all winter long!


Geoffroy Lequatre and his ideal cycling outfit for Winter: Archange Silver




In Winter, we tend to cover up and put on a lot of layers: but that’s a mistake! The more we cover ourselves, the more we risk sweating and therefore getting cold. Once wet, we are cold and it is far from being pleasant: it is even the best way to catch cold!

At G4 we offer you technical cycling clothing that covers you but with light and thermal membranes to ride in dry cold without suffocating, with efficient ventilation and balanced thermal protection! You understood it, you have to avoid having too many layers.



To face the winter cold, at G4, we recommend our Archange Silver cycling suit: a highly reflective cycling suit for your best visibility on the road but also ultra technical thanks to its windproof, waterproof and thermal properties to protect you from wind and rain. The Archange Silver cycling kit offers you great lightness and freedom of movement so you don’t have too many layers on you but still stay protected from cold and perspiration. This outfit is perfectly complemented by its cycling accessories: thermal headband, cycling cap, comfortable gloves and insulating shoe covers!


Our winter cycling accessories essential for riding in cold and dry weather.


So, here is the perfect G4 bike outfit in more detail:

•  The technical jacket Archange Silver: a 3-in-1 bike jacket with a front vest inside to protect the torso, an undershirt integrated in the back to regulate perspiration and a windproof membrane to keep you warm. What’s more, at G4 we work with care to offer you technical cycling apparel that’s not only technical but also elegant and sophisticated: this bike jacket is fully reflective to protect you on the road by ensuring maximum visibility for other riders but also to give you a great look on your bike.
You’ll also find an ultra-resistant, waterproof and perfectly concealed zip so it won’t irritate your neck, as well as deep pockets in the back to hold your accessories and supplies.


Cycling Jacket Archange Silver 3 in 1

•  The technical undershirt: a cycling undershirt close to the body, created with polyamide and polypropylene fibers that will prevent you from sweating and will thermo-regulate your body temperature. An essential cycling garment to ride in the winter which is often too neglected. At G4 we offer you black or white cycling undershirts, with short or long sleeves: the choice is yours!


Sous maillots hiver

Our winter cycling underwear long sleeves black / white

•  The Storm thermal tights: very warm cycling tights, fleece inside for softness and comfort. A comfort also provided thanks to its centerpiece, the integrated PRO100HD pad to avoid irritation and discomfort. You can now spend hours on the saddle without hurting your buttocks!
The Storm cycling tights have an anti-rain treatment which allows you to ride even in the rain in total comfort. In addition, matching the technical jacket Archange Silver, this one is reflective at the calves for your best safety and look.


Storm technical tights with reflective inserts for your safety




It is also very important to think about covering your extremities! The entry of the cold is here!
It is therefore necessary to wear a hat and/or bike headband to cover your head and ears, technical gloves to protect your hands, cover thermal shoes (to cover your feet).

•  Insulating cap: our G4 cycling caps are made of warm and comfortable Neoprene fabric and have a cut very close to the head which allows you to put your helmet on top without discomfort. You can replace the cap with a headband or combine the two if you like to keep even warmer. Black or fluorescent yellow bike caps, they will complete all your outfits!


Black cycling cap worn with our Supreme Blue Jacket

•  Cycling headbands: to protect your ears and head from the cold! Insulating, breathable and ultra-soft headbands that slip easily under the helmet! Available in black, fluorescent yellow, pink, navy blue or reflective black!


White bike headband worn with the Supreme Blue technical jacket

•  Winter Reflex Gloves: thanks to their leather palm, they will protect you from the cold as much as possible! Bicycle gloves with reflective inserts or all black, the choice is yours.

We advise you to choose your cycling gloves a little wider for outings in cold and dry weather.
You can also find our mid-season gloves for a more fitted cut and in cooler weather, available in several colors!


Reflective winter leather gloves for your best comfort and visibility on the road

•  Winter shoe covers: aerodynamic and close-fitting bike shoe covers for your comfort. Designed with a fleece fabric on the inside to keep warm and a Neoprene fabric at the instep not too thick so you don’t sweat but enough to keep you warm. They can be put on and taken off with a waterproof and very resistant zip. Sublimated by reflective inserts to be seen hundreds of miles away! These cycling shoe covers have the advantage of going high up to cover your ankles properly.


Black Winter thermal and insulating shoe covers to keep your feet warm


We offer several ranges of bike jackets or tights, so you can choose according to your budget!




An essential element to take into account: our materials!

It is important for us to explain how your cycling clothing is designed so that we can better understand and know how to choose the best clothing for you.



First of all, we work with different factories, different suppliers carefully chosen by Geoffroy Lequatre to offer you cycling clothes with ultra technical fabrics adapted to meet all your cycling needs.

Our manufacturers come from different countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Japan and have been selected thanks to Geoffroy Lequatre’s experience as a former professional cyclist.

Each of our G4 products contains several technical fabrics from different factories to offer you a unique and durable garment!


•  For our Winter cycling jackets we mainly choose fabrics composed of 3 layers: fleece layer for comfort – breathable and windproof membrane – rainproof layer.


•  For our Winter technical tights we opt for insulating, thermal and fleece fabrics so that you are comfortable but at the same time protected from wind and rain.

Now you know a little more about how we produce our cycling clothing and how we choose each of our fabrics with precision. From now on you will be able to choose your cycling clothes more easily with a more technical and precise vision.

You are now ready to fight the dry winter cold! Put on your new cycling outfit Archange Silver and set off to conquer the roads of France and elsewhere !


Complete G4 winter outfit for your best cycling outings in cold and dry weather!


Find all the tips from Geoffroy Lequatre to find the perfect balance to ride like a pro in Winter, in our video right here!




The G4 Team

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